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[Webinar Recording] Talkin’ bout the evolution of intact stability

It’s been over 80 years since Jaakko Rahola defined and suggested the first intact stability criteria for Finnish vessels, although it wasn’t until 2008 that the IS Code made intact stability criteria mandatory at an international level. Whilst these requirements provide a solid foundation for ensuring a vessel’s stability, they don’t cover complex scenarios such […]

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Bluetech Finland: Leveraging 3D models for superior efficiency in ship design

Bluetech Finland, a ship design and engineering firm, outshines in adapting swiftly to the evolving demands of ship design, ensuring high-quality outcomes for their clients. NAPA’s design solutions, including stability calculations and detailed design capabilities with the advanced 3D model, have been crucial tools for their daily work since the company’s start. These tools play […]

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3D-powered efficiency – how VARD delivered a ship design in just 10 weeks

Teams at VARD Design & Engineering were faced with a major challenge: could they slash the typical structural design time by a third, and go from contract signing to class package in 10 weeks? Equipped with NAPA’s 3D based tools, they rose to the occasion by working smartly, creatively, and collaboratively. Here’s how they achieved […]

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SDARI, BV and NAPA joint project validates benefits of 3D model-based classification approvals

20 November 2023: Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) and NAPA, a global provider of maritime software and data services, have completed the first phase of a Joint Development Project (JDP) to enable 3D model-based approvals for the classification of ships.    […]

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China Classification Society and NAPA introduce new joint interface to streamline 3D ship design approval process

Project to establish an interface between NAPA Steel and China Classification Society’s COMPASS-SDP will enable greater data interoperability for easier rule calculations, time-saving and closer collaboration.    Helsinki (Finland), 15th June 2023: NAPA, the leading provider of maritime software, services, and data analysis, and China Classification Society (CCS), the worldwide main class and an active member […]

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The future of design is now: taking 3D model-based approvals from concept to reality

Shipyards, designers, and class societies all recognize 3D model-based approvals (3D MBA) as an essential part of shipbuilding’s future, helping shipyards boost efficiency in an increasingly complex environment and tackle the growing challenges of the decarbonization transition. No longer a distant prospect, various shipyards and classification societies around the world are already working to make […]

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NAPA Stand Talk at SMM 2022: Revolution of 3D based ship design

At SMM 2022 in Hamburg, we had several interesting stand talks with our customers. On Tuesday, NAPA’s Tommi Kurki and Mikko Forss discussed with Sebastiano Battagli (Technical Manager) and Caterina Benedetti (Basic Design Team Leader) from Meccano Engineering about the benefits of NAPA in the concept design phase. For instance, by using NAPA, Meccano Engineering […]

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NAPA – C-Job webinar: The evolution of ship design

How genetic algorithms are powering Accelerated Concept Design NAPA and C-Job Naval Architects invite you to learn more about the implementation of Accelerated Concept Design – a way to automate and optimize the concept stage of the ship design process using genetic algorithms together with a 3D model developed for early design phases. This webinar […]

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