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The NAPA Way: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Self-Management and Transparency

Welcome to NAPA, where we’re more than a workplace—we’re a collaborative international community, often referred to as a family, deeply committed to empowering every individual through self-management and unwavering transparency. Our mission has been simple: to create and maintain an environment where every Naparian has an equal opportunity to succeed while championing diversity, equity, and […]

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Creating coaching culture at NAPA – from a people perspective

by Hanna Olenius, Manager, PeopleOps and Executive Coach at NAPA Coaching is a versatile tool for organizational development. It can bring value on a level of an individual by offering personalization and empathetic support, whereas team coaching facilitates the discussions on the key factors that impact the team and its doing. This blog text adopts […]

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The NAPA Way – decision-making

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA The right and responsibility to make decisions is for everybody In my previous blog regarding the NAPA Way, I discussed transparency and touched the freedom to make decisions. Our guiding rule for making decisions is, “Any person can make any decisions after seeking advice.” Advice needs […]

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The NAPA Way – transparency

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA  Transparency of (almost) everything is the corner-stone of succeeding without hierarchy In my first blog regarding the NAPA Way, I stated that three years ago, when we moved to self-management at NAPA, we replaced control and approvals with transparency and freedom to make decisions. I claim […]

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The NAPA Way – new self-managed route to success

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA  How a 30-year-old maritime software product company has turned its course to a new era In its 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in software, services, and data analysis for the maritime industry. We provide data-led solutions for safety, efficiency, and productivity […]

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