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NAPA Voyage Optimization software integrated into Furuno Planning Station to boost shipping efficiency and sustainability

Integration of route planning software will improve operational performance, reduce fuel costs and CO2 emissions while contributing to safe and efficient navigation. Nishinomiya, Japan and Helsinki, Finland – May 26, 2022: Maritime electronics equipment provider FURUNO will incorporate NAPA Voyage Optimization, a solution developed by NAPA, the leading maritime software, services, and data analysis provider, […]

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Norsepower and NAPA join forces to maximize wind propulsion benefits using voyage optimization

New agreement between cleantech and maritime software leaders will use voyage optimization tools to help wind-assisted vessels in their voyage planning to boost fuel savings and emissions reductions. Helsinki, Finland – 04 April 2022 – Norsepower Oy Ltd., the world-leading provider of auxiliary wind propulsion systems, has signed a formal agreement with NAPA, the global maritime […]

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How to systematically slice down short sea shipping bunker costs and ensure safe navigation

by Teemu Manderbacka, Lead R&D Engineer, NAPA Shipping Solutions In our team at NAPA, we’ve recently looked at opportunities for better routing, by delving into data of past sailed voyages, running retro-optimization on them, and comparing where the most potential for better routing can be found. On ocean-crossing voyages, we’ve seen quite considerable savings potential, […]

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Don’t plow against sea currents!

by Ossi Mettälä, Customer Success Manager, NAPA Shipping Solutions Our team has recently been looking into data from past voyages of the global merchant fleet and conducting retro-optimization to find out where there would be most potential for better routing. In addition to these retro-optimization studies, real-life case examples offer valuable insight for better routing. […]

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Surf along with the Kuroshio current on the Pacific

by Kimmo Laaksonen, Director, Product Development, NAPA Shipping Solutions Ocean currents are relatively stable, so you would think ships know how to take advantage of them or avoid sailing against a strong ocean current, right? To find out how well ships accounted for currents, we took a year of tanker voyages crossing the Pacific to […]

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Why dodging ECAs doesn’t always pay off

by Claus Stigler, Product Owner of NAPA Voyage Optimization, NAPA Shipping Solutions Emission Control Areas (ECAs) are sea areas with stricter limits to airborne emissions from ships as ruled in MARPOL regulations. There are Emission Control Areas on many coastal seas worldwide: the Baltic Sea, the North Sea, the English Channel, the North American ECA, […]

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The role of data in harnessing the power of the wind

Global markets react to consumer demand, and clean technology is no exception. The IMO’s impending 2050 and 2030 decarbonization targets, and further global environmental goals, have led to increasing demand over the last decade for economically viable, green technologies. Wind assisted propulsion technologies, which decrease fuel consumption by using sails or similar wind capture devices, […]

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Voyage Planning for MR Tankers – achieving average 15.9% emission savings with better routing!

by Kimmo Laaksonen, Director, Product Development, NAPA Shipping Solutions We see many claims on the potential emissions, fuel, and money savings shipowners and operators who have invested in voyage optimization solutions can make – claims that often vary considerably. So, how much can you really save by optimizing a route? And how can you work […]

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