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NAPA Emergency Computer

Integrated decision support solution for increased safety

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Monitoring flooding prediction with NAPA Emergency Computer

Integrated decision support solution for increased safety

Safety of life at sea is a high priority in the cruise, ferry and passenger sector. Recent events have shown that there is a clear need for more advanced, and easy-to-use flooding emergency and decision support systems. NAPA Emergency Computer offers a unique solution for ship officers onboard who require a better understanding of both the vulnerability of their intact ship as well as the survivability of their ship if it becomes damaged.


NAPA Emergency Computer was developed in partnership with Captains, Officers, DPAs and Safety Directors, and delivers:

  • Critical information available at a glance with minimal user interaction needed 
  • Continuous vulnerability monitoring for assessing ship risk level 
  • Survivability assessment with continuous time domain progressive flooding prediction 
  • Dynamic flooding advisory cards 
  • Incorporated Vessel-TRIAGE categorization 
  • Automatic damage definition based on flooding level sensor data

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NAPA Emergency Computer features

Vulnerability monitoring

Vulnerability monitoring is needed to increase awareness of an intact ship’s safety level by taking into account potential risks. NAPA Emergency Computer continuously monitors for faulty sensors, open watertight doors and sea condition. The overall vulnerability level is shown as a green-yellow-red color code.

NAPA Emergency Computer features

Survivability assessment

When water ingress is detected by flooding level sensors or by manual input from the NAPA Loading Computer, NAPA Emergency Computer automatically switches over to emergency mode and begins calculating a flooding assessment. Officers onboard can monitor the effects of the flooding on a timeline and see how the counter measures they’re taking affect the situation.

NAPA Emergency Computer features

Advisory cards

NAPA Emergency Computer includes advisory cards with an emergency plan and checklists in order to assist in handling flooding emergency case. These cards can be operational checklists or multi-level task advisories. 

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