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At the helm with Tuomas Häkkinen, NAPA Stability and Safety Service Manager

NAPA Safety Solutions are unrivaled in technical capability, with the NAPA Loading Computer, NAPA Emergency Computer and NAPA Logbook leading in their respective sectors. As much as our products, however, our success is down to our people. With a genuine passion for the maritime industry and the NAPA brand, it is our people who go […]

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Little something from us to you

We at NAPA are committed to helping you to navigate these uncertain times of the COVID-19 outbreak safely, efficiently and reliably. We are surely living unusual times. Hopefully, all of you have stayed safe. We at NAPA focus constantly on ensuring that our people stay safe, we can run our business safely – yet efficiently […]

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The NAPA Way – decision-making

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA The right and responsibility to make decisions is for everybody In my previous blog regarding the NAPA Way, I discussed transparency and touched the freedom to make decisions. Our guiding rule for making decisions is, “Any person can make any decisions after seeking advice.” Advice needs […]

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The NAPA Way – transparency

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA  Transparency of (almost) everything is the corner-stone of succeeding without hierarchy In my first blog regarding the NAPA Way, I stated that three years ago, when we moved to self-management at NAPA, we replaced control and approvals with transparency and freedom to make decisions. I claim […]

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The NAPA Way – new self-managed route to success

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA  How a 30-year-old maritime software product company has turned its course to a new era In its 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in software, services, and data analysis for the maritime industry. We provide data-led solutions for safety, efficiency, and productivity […]

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