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The NAPA Way: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Self-Management and Transparency

Welcome to NAPA, where we’re more than a workplace—we’re a collaborative international community, often referred to as a family, deeply committed to empowering every individual through self-management and unwavering transparency. Our mission has been simple: to create and maintain an environment where every Naparian has an equal opportunity to succeed while championing diversity, equity, and […]

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The NAPA Way: Sauna Driven Development

At NAPA we value excellence, learning, and the human component in software development. One way we facilitate this is an event we have once a month called Developer Sauna. It is open to all Naparians, although the subject matter is mostly quite technical. The concept is simple: before the event, we pick a software development […]

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Innovation leads the way at the 10th NAPA Hackathon

What is common between Airbnb – the popular room-sharing platform, Pokémon GO – the augmented reality game; NAPA Fleet Intelligence – a user-friendly cloud-based solution for improving ship efficiency and safety; NAPA Drafting – a tool for efficient drawing generation directly from the 3D model; and Cloud Optimization? Well, they all have originated from hackathons. These success […]

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At the helm with Jose Magdangal, Senior Technical Consultant

As the world’s leading provider of electronic logbooks, NAPA Logbook has more than a decade’s service on board vessels, serving more than 8,000 users and approved by more than 20 major flag states, including the Bahamas, Panama, and Malta. NAPA Logbook has also been certified by DNV for MARPOL related electronic record keeping. NAPA Logbook […]

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Creating coaching culture at NAPA – from a people perspective

by Hanna Olenius, Manager, PeopleOps and Executive Coach at NAPA Coaching is a versatile tool for organizational development. It can bring value on a level of an individual by offering personalization and empathetic support, whereas team coaching facilitates the discussions on the key factors that impact the team and its doing. This blog text adopts […]

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Greetings from NAPA Safety Solutions’ summer workers

Amelija Pietere on behalf of NAPA Safety Solutions’ summer trainees This summer NAPA Safety Solutions had arranged summer jobs for 10 enthusiastic high school-aged students. These jobs required independent working, and self-management skills were a pivotal part of it. There were many different tasks that needed to be completed such as updating and packaging computers […]

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Start your NAPA voyage as a trainee

Collaboration between NAPA and the University opens up career opportunities at the international software company in Galati, Romania In its over 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in developing and scaling software, services and data analysis for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable maritime industry. NAPA operates globally, with 190 employees in […]

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At the helm with Tuomas Häkkinen, NAPA Stability and Safety Service Manager

NAPA Safety Solutions are unrivaled in technical capability, with the NAPA Loading Computer, NAPA Emergency Computer and NAPA Logbook leading in their respective sectors. As much as our products, however, our success is down to our people. With a genuine passion for the maritime industry and the NAPA brand, it is our people who go […]

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Little something from us to you

We at NAPA are committed to helping you to navigate these uncertain times of the COVID-19 outbreak safely, efficiently and reliably. We are surely living unusual times. Hopefully, all of you have stayed safe. We at NAPA focus constantly on ensuring that our people stay safe, we can run our business safely – yet efficiently […]

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The NAPA Way – decision-making

by Juhana Salminen, Quality and Process Coach at NAPA The right and responsibility to make decisions is for everybody In my previous blog regarding the NAPA Way, I discussed transparency and touched the freedom to make decisions. Our guiding rule for making decisions is, “Any person can make any decisions after seeking advice.” Advice needs […]

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