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NAPA Performance Monitoring and Optimization

also known as ClassNK-NAPA GREEN, is a complete package for safe and efficient ship operations

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Complete package for planning, monitoring and analysis of ship management & operations

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN offers a new level of eco-efficiency and business insight for ship owners, operators and charterers. It is a total solution for planning, monitoring and analysis of ship operations and helps its users to realize operational savings through increased awareness, trim and voyage optimization and performance analysis – while never compromising safety.

  • Plan accurate voyages based on static, dynamic and adaptive trim optimization, voyage planning, weather routing and speed profile optimization
  • Use adaptive Dynamic Performance models combined with 3D ship models for superior precision
  • Manage hull fouling and propulsion resistance
  • Analyze fleet performance on normalized figures of multiple weather and sea conditions
  • Conduct and analyze full-scale performance and trim tests
  • Evaluate effects of paints, propulsion and hull modifications

Key features

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN uses NAPA’s expertise in big data, ship performance analysis and naval architecture to create a powerful optimization tool, with features including:

  • NAPA Ship Server, the centralized server for data automation and synchronization 
  • NAPA Voyage Reporting for automatic creation of voyage reports 
  • NAPA Real-Time Monitoring, a combined and customizable onboard display of data from several ship systems
  • Fleet performance analysis and voyage data available ashore through NAPA Fleet Intelligence
  • NAPA Voyage Optimization, fuel consumption optimization through speed profile, engine configuration and route recommendation 
  • NAPA OptiFloat trim optimization system 
  • NAPA Logbook can be integrated as an additional module
  • NAPA Dynamic Performance Model adapts to measured ship characteristics

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN modules

NAPA Loading Computer (optional)

Optimizing load while minimizing stress and safety risk is a key competitive advantage for ship operators today.

NAPA Loading Computer ensures safe and optimal planning of stowage, cargo and ballast for different ship types. The system covers a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength.

NAPA Voyage Optimization

NAPA Voyage Optimization is a cloud based, advanced tool for accurate planning and optimizing voyages.

NAPA Real Time Monitoring

NAPA Real Time Monitoring (RTM) is an easy way of combining and displaying data from several different ship systems in one simple screen. The RTM may be installed on any computer in the ship’s network and can for example show Key Performance Indicators (KPI), weather and voyage data in real time.

NAPA Logbook (optional)

ClassNK-NAPA GREEN offers electronic logbook that can completely replace conventional paper-based official logbook.

NAPA Logbook can be installed on top of ClassNK-NAPA GREEN hardware installed onboard, automatically picking up all relevant signals from the system, greatly improving efficiency and reliability of logbook activities.

Also, all logbook entries are electronically stored in cloud server, so that authorized users can have an easy access to them from shore, throughout NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform.

NAPA Fleet Intelligence Signal

NAPA Fleet Intelligence brings together voyage monitoring, reporting and analysis into an easy-to-use, powerful web-based platform. NAPA Fleet Intelligence combines a variety of data sources with highly accurate ship performance models to create insights and advice for improved performance.

Benefits of ClassNK-NAPA GREEN

Ship owner companies, shipyards, and charterers throughout shipping have selected ClassNK-NAPA GREEN to benefit their businesses

Ship operator

  • Reduced fuel consumption through enhanced visibility of voyage performance and optimization
  • Reduced maintenance cost by centralized fleet operational and performance data
  • Incident avoidance via alarms and automated reports on ship’s technical and operational status
  • Automated Reporting (IMO DCS, EU MRV etc.)

Ship crew

  • Shared responsibility by planning voyages with a concerned party with increased visibility
  • Comprehensive and intelligent voyage planning by simulating multiple voyage scenarios with highly accurate performance model and environmental conditions
  • Saved fuel consumption and safe arrival on time



  • Reduced Risk by getting enhanced visibility over the ship’s status, and being actively involved in voyage planning and execution
  • Reduced man-hour by the automated charter party reports
    • voyage report
    • noon report
    • technical performance report
  • Reduced fuel consumption and safe arrival on time

Ship designer

  • Optimized design margin based on the feedback of real vessel operational big data
  • Bargaining power given by improved understanding of the ship’s operation over her lifetime
  • Continuous feedback to design for safe, robust and environmentally friendly development based on ship’s actual performances


NAPA is the only performance optimization partner who can draw on 30 years’ experience of 3D hull form design, big data and hydrodynamic calculations. We’ve built our solutions based on data you won’t find anywhere else. Put your performance optimization in the hands of the experts.

  • 95% of ships built annually are designed by NAPA users
  • 30 years of experience in 3D hull form design, and hydrodynamics calculations
  • 2500 onboard installations for 3D ship-model based loading computer, monitoring and analysis
  • NAPA has ISO 27001 certification for information security

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