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Decarbonization in the maritime industry – What it is, and what you can do about it?

In 2023, several new maritime regulations will come into effect, targeting to cut emissions from Shipping. EEXI, CII, EU ETS, ETD, and FuelEU Maritime are among these regulations. Wow, that’s a bunch of acronyms! This NAPA guidebook will shed light on what these acronyms mean, explain the basics of these new regulations, and share some […]

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How the Fit For 55 legislation will affect the shipping industry – and how you can prepare

What is ‘Fit For 55’? In July 2021, the EU Commission published an extensive legislative proposal package called ‘Fit For 55’ as part of its larger European Green Deal, which aims to make the EU carbon-neutral by 2050. The Fit For 55 package contains 12 items that, in conjunction, aim to reduce EU greenhouse gas […]

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