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NAPA User Meetings

Customer Experiences – Technical Workshops –  Training – NAPA Labs – Networking NAPA User Meetings bring together NAPA users from all around the world to hear about the latest developments of NAPA, to learn new ways to use our solutions, and to share experiences and ideas with peers and NAPA experts. They provide an excellent […]

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NAPA C# Scripting Training, October 2019

Boost the use of NAPA by scripting! NAPA Designer offers a wide set of standard modeling tools and functions. However the processes can be made even faster and more efficient with a set of custom scripts and tools. The C# application programming interface (API) offers an efficient way to boost the use of NAPA Designer […]

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NAPA Damage Stability Calculations Training, November 2019

Learn how to perform SOLAS II-1 calculations with NAPA! This two-day course covers all that you need to get started with probabilistic damage stability calculations with NAPA. The basic skills to use NAPA are required. It is recommended to be familiar with the topics handled in NAPA Initial Training. Contents The course focus is in […]

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NAPA Initial Training, November 2019

Dive into the World of NAPA! After the course the participants have basic knowledge about NAPA as a ship design and statutory calculation program. The participants are able to create their own ship project from start and after defining all the necessary definitions, conduct calculations and output with the created model. This four-day course is […]

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NAPA Steel Initial Training, November 2019

All that you need to get started with structural design using NAPA Steel! NAPA’s new, intuitive tools, such as NAPA Designer for geometry modelling, NAPA Drafting for intelligent classification drawings, automatic FEM Mesh Generation and Class Society Interfaces to the most common rule check software are now available for you. Previous NAPA experience is not […]

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NAPA Output Training, November 2019

Learn how to make your processes more efficient! Modelling and calculations ready and struggling with the output? A participant will learn to develop tools which can be applied with all projects. The output tools will save time and money when the output can be generated easily and efficiently. Contents The course starts with an introduction […]

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