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NAPA CII Simulator

Manage Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) proactively, and reduce emissions with this user-friendly simulation tool

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NAPA CII Simulator is a module on the Fleet Intelligence platform that uses the vessel’s digital twin and data on its past and current routes and performance to predict its CII rating in the future. With powerful simulation tools, you can evaluate the impact of different energy efficiency measures and operational profiles on a vessel’s CII rating.

Key features

  • Monitor the current CII status, and analyze past trends effortlessly
  • Predict the CII level at the end of the year, or at any date during the year, such as after a chartering period
  • See how the upcoming voyages or idle time at port or anchorage impact on CII rating
  • Use seamlessly with NAPA Voyage Optimization: Get the weather-routed planned voyages directly to NAPA CII Simulator
  • Evaluate how changing the operational profile or energy-saving actions (e.g., slow-steaming, hull cleaning, energy-saving devices) would impact the CII rating
  • In case you don’t have historical data available, there are tools for CII score adjustment to enable using the powerful simulation capabilities

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