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Information Sharing and Collaboration
in Ship Design

Revealing 3D digital design’s value: Seamless data integration from the start 

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Unlock the full potential of your design process with our Information Sharing and Collaboration solutions

Our web-based NAPA Viewer provides secure and efficient access to the most recent NAPA 3D models, enhancing communication and improving decision-making quality and efficiency. Offering flexible and seamless integration with external software and a wide variety of CAD data exchanges, our solutions cater to your specific needs. We deliver a next-generation design collaboration experience, all powered by the accurate design information available from the NAPA product model – from day one and throughout your project.

Effective collaboration and front-loading for the optimal ship design process  

Central to our solution is NAPA’s unique single 3D product model and our “best-of-breed” approach, as described in our blog “Collaborative Single Model Design Platform for Ships of Tomorrow“. NAPA empowers effective front-loading and collaboration by providing accurate, real-time design data from the earliest stages. This streamlines information sharing and acts as a Digital Thread, ensuring the optimal design process and outcomes tailored to your needs.  


Efficient collaboration via advanced 3D CAD interfaces

NAPA structural design solutions integrate seamlessly into the design process by interfacing with other software in the industry. Numerous general CAD formats are supported to import and export data from NAPA to support for example outfitting and sharing information with the whole design organization. In addition, there are production design software-specific interfaces to:

  • CADMATIC Hull & Outfitting 
  • Aveva Hull & Outfitting 
  • Hexagon Smart3D


Efficient real-time collaboration with NAPA Viewer 

NAPA Viewer streamlines stakeholder collaboration, providing secure, web-based access to the up-to-date NAPA 3D model from the start of the design process. It enables efficient communication and secure sharing of comprehensive and informative 3D design information, including structures, compartments, and outfitting, without relying on drawings. 

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Concurrent design co-work in a distributed multi-user environment 

NAPA Designer facilitates distributed, multi-user collaborative design with the ServerDB solution, enabling concurrent access and edits to a synced model across different geographical locations. Specific assignment features ensure the only designated areas can be edited by each user, avoiding conflicts and unintended changes. 


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