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China Classification Society and NAPA introduce new joint interface to streamline 3D ship design approval process

Project to establish an interface between NAPA Steel and China Classification Society’s COMPASS-SDP will enable greater data interoperability for easier rule calculations, time-saving and closer collaboration.   

Helsinki (Finland), 15th June 2023: NAPA, the leading provider of maritime software, services, and data analysis, and China Classification Society (CCS), the worldwide main class and an active member in the International Association of Classification Societies have today introduced a new joint interface between NAPA Steel and CCS’s COMPASS-SDP to streamline the data exchange process between designers, engineers and class societies. Through the use of 3D models created in NAPA Steel, the move optimizes the design and rule check process, saving time and resources, while making class approval more efficient.   

NAPA is the first ship design CAD solution to offer an interface for COMPASS-SDP. The integration will allow 3D structural models created in NAPA Steel to be exported to a data format for 2D hull structure models – ‘SSD-2D’ – which can then be easily imported and processed on COMPASS SDP for further rule calculations.  

This integrated process will reduce the modeling time on COMPASS-SDP and improve ship design quality through closer collaboration between teams. More streamlined communication directly on 3D models allows approval engineers to cross-check sections more easily and shorten the approval time. This will enable safer and higher quality ship designs for the industry.  

Mikko Kuosa, Chief Executive Officer, NAPA, said:The need of the hour across maritime is for greater collaboration for safer and greener ships of the future. Re-shaping the traditional dynamics between engineers, designers and classification societies, and enhancing cooperation, NAPA is proud to be driving change across the industry through the use of 3D models.  

As the industry’s digital capabilities grow, this project with CCS is an important step towards accelerating the adoption of 3D model-based approval and furthering our commitment to a more agile and collaborative process between all parties.” 

Zhao Yan, Vice President, CCS, said: “At CCS, we are committed to supporting a more swift and intelligent design and approval process by making class approval as simple as possible. Today’s announcement to introduce a new interface between NAPA Steel and our COMPASS-SDP will help make this a reality by delivering a more integrated and streamlined process with minimal risk of error and time consumption. We are proud to be leading this change and helping future-proof the industry”  

As part of the project’s first phase, the interface will cover longitudinal structure members as well as geometries and scantling information such as plate thickness, material, and stiffener profiles. This is in addition to other ship data relevant to rule calculation such as frame system, principal particulars, hull girder loads, and compartment data.  



Note to editors

About CCS 

CCS provides world-leading technical codes and standards and offers classification survey services for ships, offshore installations and related industrial products. The class society also provides statutory surveys, verification surveys, notarial surveys, certification and accreditation and other services in accordance with international conventions, regulations and related rules of the authorizing flag states or regions. 

With the authorization of the administrations of flag states or regions, CCS carries out statutory surveys and other services as authorized by the administrations. Up to now, CCS has been authorized by the world’s 62 major shipping states or regions, including China, to perform statutory surveys for the ships and offshore installations flying their flags. 

With the Objective of “Safety, Environmental protection and Creating value for clients and society”, and based on the 128 offices established worldwide, CCS provides services for a range of industries and fields including shipping, shipbuilding, shipping finance and insurance, marine equipment, ocean resources exploitation, ocean scientific research, industrial project supervision, system certification, government policy and rule development, energy saving and emission reduction, risk management and evaluation, and CCS is constantly developing new business areas. 

By sticking to the Policy of “Building first-class international classification society with own characteristics and with technology as the foundation and credibility as the cornerstone”, CCS has improved its image and value continuously through advanced technologies and quality services, and it is widely and highly recognized by the international industry. 


About NAPA 

With over 30 years of operation, NAPA is a leading software and data services provider for ship design and operations to enable safe, sustainable, and future-proof maritime industry. Headquartered in Finland, NAPA employs 200 experts, combining expertise in naval architecture, fleet operations and digital services. NAPA operates globally, with a presence in Japan, Korea, China, Singapore, the USA, Germany, Greece, Romania, and India. 

With over 90% of new vessels built by NAPA customers, NAPA’s ship design software is the global de facto standard in shipbuilding. Furthermore, NAPA is a market leader in ship stability management and safety data services for passenger ships, and its cloud-based solutions for ship performance monitoring and voyage optimization support shipping’s decarbonization journey.    


Press Contact: 
Boyoung Son
Product Marketing Manager, Design Solutions

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