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Hydrostatics and Stability

World’s leading stability analysis software

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Industry-standard software for ship stability analysis

NAPA’s hydrostatics and stability solutions enable ship designers and operators to perform accurate analyses of a vessel’s stability characteristics. The unique 3D model encompasses a wide range of features such as precise stability calculations, extensive rule compliance analysis, and fundamental analyzing tools, providing a complete set of tools for naval architectural calculations and analysis. The calculation results from NAPA are trusted by the global shipbuilding industry and regulatory authorities for their reliability.



Easy and flexible design with unique 3D modeling tools

Using the NAPA 3D model enables flexible design variations and optimization. The state-of-the-art 3D modeling capability of NAPA Designer supports detailed and precise ship design.

Quick and efficient for geometry design

Designing the inner and outer geometry of your vessel becomes swift and efficient with top-notch 3D visualization and tools. Easily adjust and refine your design to meet specific requirements, coupled with NAPA’s key calculation modules. The analysis tools facilitate geometry evaluation, ensuring optimal performance and stability.

Statutory Compliance enables accurate results trusted by the shipbuilding industry

NAPA encompasses all necessary naval architectural calculations, such as hydrostatics, capacities, loading conditions, intact and damage stability, using an industry-standard calculation engine.

Our solutions provide a diverse range of rule compliance checks for design and analysis, incorporating advanced analysis workflows for SOLAS II-1 and the latest Second Generation Intact Stability (SGIS) requirements.

Powerful and flexible concepts for calculation and engineering

The effective and customizable workflows, reports, and drawings smoothly integrate NAPA into your design process. With NAPA, you can manage all design and engineering tasks.

State-of-the-art stability analysis tool

NAPA, with its state-of-the-art analysis tools, is efficient for both beginners and more advanced users to learn and use.

Special stability functionalities

In addition to its flexible modeling and calculation concepts, NAPA provides specialized stability solutions for floating offshore structures, submarine design, flooding simulation, and emergency response.

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