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Hydrostatics and Stability

World’s leading stability analysis software

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Industry standard software for ship stability analysis

NAPA offers a comprehensive set of tools for flexible 3D modeling and ship stability analysis, trusted by the shipbuilding industry and authorities for decades.


  • Unique 3D model, enabling flexible design variations and optimization
  • All relevant required naval architectural calculations in one package
  • Comprehensive rule compliance analysis, including the latest rules and regulations
  • Modern first principle analyzing tools, such as NAPA Flooding Simulation
  • Industry standard calculation engine, enabling smoother approval process


3D modeling tools

State-of-the-art 3D modeling tools

Hydrostatics and capacities

Hydrostatic calculations for all floating objects and compartment capacity analysis

Inclining test

Calculation of the lightweight and center of gravity, based on inclining test measurements and 3D model

Loading conditions

Tank and mass loads, grain loads, containers, dual and deck loads, a wide variety of calculation options and analyzing tools, e.g. for free surface moments and longitudinal strength

Intact stability

Intact stability calculations and comprehensive intact stability criteria analysis, intact stability limit curves

Damage stability

Damage stability calculations and comprehensive damage stability criteria analysis, damage stability limit curves

Flooding simulation

Simulation tools for analysis of water propagation in the ship after damage in time domain considering the internal structures of the vessel

Rule compliance

Wide variety of rule compliance checks for design and calculations


Comprehensive optimization to find the most efficient design variations

Offshore structure stability

Flexible modeling and calculation of floating structures, even for the most complicated geometries

Emergency response

Real-time marine salvage engineering tools

Submarine design

Comprehensive design tool for submarines on NAPA Designer


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