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Structural Design

Efficient and easy 3D structural design for reliable weight calculation, class approval drawings and FE Meshing

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From parametric concept design into detailed basic design

NAPA Steel revolutionizes the initial and basic design for structures by taking the design work from traditional 2D drawings to 3D modelling. Using a 3D model for structural design from the beginning of the project has several benefits, from earlier rule compliance information leading to more accurate weight and cost results.


Increase quality and productivity with NAPA Steel

Save time and resources

  • Use the same 3D design information for many tasks to reduce duplicated work
  • Get results easily after each design round
  • Reduce modification work with a highly topological model

Stay in control and minimize risks

  • Share 3D design information across the whole organization to reduce inconsistency in design results
  • Use the same information for drawings, calculation and analysis
  • Make one change, and update all outputs easily

Support collaborative design process

  • Start with a NAPA concept and increase detail throughout the process
  • Easy to learn, create and modify 3D structure model
  • Interfaces to other systems will reduce errors in other design activities
NAPA Steel features


NAPA Designer offers intuitive and easy to use 3D modelling experience for structural design. It enables efficient modelling experience from the first design rounds of concept design and adapts throughout the initial and basic design phases providing tools for easy design update and detailed modelling. It is made for ship design separating it from other general CAD systems.

NAPA Steel features


NAPA Drafting offers tools for efficient drawing generation directly from the 3D model. It has specific tools for maintaining and updating the drawings when the design evolves staying all the time connected to the 3D model. It is powered by Autodesk’s AutoCAD technology covering all the needs of 2D drafting. Ship drawing specific annotation tools completes the package to master all the needs of classification drawings.

NAPA Steel features

Structural rule check

NAPA Steel supports ship structural design by offering best of the industry FE automesher for ship structures and it connects seamlessly to all major class rule check packages. NAPA is class independent making it possible to perform rule check against all classes from the same 3D model.

NAPA Steel features

Numeric output

NAPA Steel provides fast and reliable numeric output such as weight and center of gravity calculation, bill of materials for early estimation of materials, welding lengths and early production load & cost estimation and painting area calculation. All output and reports are highly customizable to meet the local standards.

NAPA Steel features

Interfaces to other CAD systems

NAPA Steel integrates seamlessly to the design process by interfacing with other software in the industry. Numerous general CAD formats are supported to import and export data from NAPA to support for example outfitting and to share information with the whole design organization. In addition, there are production design software-specific interfaces to e.g. CADMATIC Hull & Outfitting, Aveva Hull & Outfitting and Smart3D.

NAPA Viewer features

Up-to-date design for all stakeholders

NAPA Viewer offers a cost-effective and straightforward solution for enabling vital communication between key stakeholders involved in the design process. The streaming technology allows the main user to share a 3D NAPA ship model, created with NAPA Naval Architecture and NAPA Steel, directly from their server to multiple other parties via an internet browser. The technology will support 3D model-based approval (3DMBA).

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