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Cross-industry collaboration launches to accelerate digital twins uptake in shipping

The Digital Twin project involving Japan-based ship owners, shipbuilders, classification society and a software provider signals a potential breakthrough in the sharing of ship design and operational data. Tokyo, Japan/Helsinki, Finland: 22 May 2024 – Japanese maritime leaders have announced the successful completion of the early phases of a cross-industry project aimed at creating a […]

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Decoding NAPA Studios

We recently announced the launch of NAPA Studios, a global offering focused on solving some of the maritime industry’s most pressing challenges, from tightening environmental regulations and supply chain disruptions to cybersecurity using data-driven technologies. Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions to shed light on how the industry can take advantage of […]

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NAPA Studios launches to accelerate shipping’s energy transition through data-driven collaboration

NAPA Studios responds to shipping’s demand for data-driven evidence to solve the design, safety and operational challenges ahead.  Helsinki, Finland, 28 February 2024 – NAPA, a global provider of maritime software and data services, has introduced NAPA Studios, an initiative that will foster cross-industry partnerships to deliver new data-driven solutions and insights on some of […]

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3D-powered efficiency – how VARD delivered a ship design in just 10 weeks

Teams at VARD Design & Engineering were faced with a major challenge: could they slash the typical structural design time by a third, and go from contract signing to class package in 10 weeks? Equipped with NAPA’s 3D based tools, they rose to the occasion by working smartly, creatively, and collaboratively. Here’s how they achieved […]

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HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, NAPA and CADMATIC join forces to develop digital shipyard

Partnership between software providers and the world’s largest shipyard will digitalize and streamline the ship design and construction process, enabling the fast-paced innovation needed to support shipping’s decarbonization transition.  Ulsan, Helsinki and Turku, 18 January 2024 – HD Hyundai Heavy Industries, the world’s largest shipyard, has announced a joint development project (JDP) with NAPA and […]

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NAPA Shipping Solutions Seminar 2024, Rotterdam, Netherlands

  Join us in Rotterdam for an exclusive gathering of maritime industry experts at the NAPA Shipping Solutions User Seminar on 20 March 2024. This event is your gateway to exploring groundbreaking advancements in maritime digital technology, networking with industry colleagues, and gaining invaluable insights through interactive workshops. Program Highlights *NAPA has the right to […]

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Five actions towards sustainable shipping that marked 2023

With MEPC 80, CII taking effect, and the official extension of EU ETS to shipping, 2023 was the year when the conversation on decarbonization moved from concept to implementation. This shift was brought to life by industry pioneers who rose to the challenge on several fronts, from clean technology to digitalization and training. Here are […]

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SDARI, BV and NAPA joint project validates benefits of 3D model-based classification approvals

20 November 2023: Bureau Veritas (BV), a world leader in testing, inspection and certification, the Shanghai Merchant Ship Design & Research Institute (SDARI) and NAPA, a global provider of maritime software and data services, have completed the first phase of a Joint Development Project (JDP) to enable 3D model-based approvals for the classification of ships.    […]

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Tangible actions, certainty, and collaborative innovation​ are needed for Japan’s maritime net-zero ambitions

Operational efficiency, data for decision confidence and trusted frameworks for collaboration – solutions to meet IMO’s immediate emission targets.   Tokyo, 03 October 2023: In a Press Meet organized in Tokyo for the Japanese Maritime media, NAPA’s CEO, Mikko Kuosa said the following:  “MEPC 80’s adoption of more ambitious targets sends a global signal: action for […]

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DNV, Damen and NAPA use 3D model-based approval to streamline ship design approval

Damen, DNV and NAPA are taking a major step forward in ship design processes by using the new Open Class 3D Exchange (OCX) standard to streamline classification involvement in the early phase of a project. With increasing pressure to deliver vessel designs quickly, the early engagement of classification societies can increase designer and owner confidence […]

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