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Tag: The NAPA Way


The NAPA Way: Fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through Self-Management and Transparency

Welcome to NAPA, where we’re more than a workplace—we’re a collaborative international community, often referred to as a family, deeply committed to empowering every individual through self-management and unwavering transparency. Our mission has been simple: to create and maintain an environment where every Naparian has an equal opportunity to succeed while championing diversity, equity, and […]

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The NAPA Way: Sauna Driven Development

At NAPA we value excellence, learning, and the human component in software development. One way we facilitate this is an event we have once a month called Developer Sauna. It is open to all Naparians, although the subject matter is mostly quite technical. The concept is simple: before the event, we pick a software development […]

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Innovation leads the way at the 10th NAPA Hackathon

What is common between Airbnb – the popular room-sharing platform, Pokémon GO – the augmented reality game; NAPA Fleet Intelligence – a user-friendly cloud-based solution for improving ship efficiency and safety; NAPA Drafting – a tool for efficient drawing generation directly from the 3D model; and Cloud Optimization? Well, they all have originated from hackathons. These success […]

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