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Weather routing for reducing ship emissions

NAPA Voyage Optimization

Easy to use solution for automated voyage planning and fuel savings

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Voyage options in comparison

NAPA Voyage Optimization

NAPA Voyage Optimization is an easy-to-use solution for improving operational efficiency by optimizing route and speed profiles for any sea passage. As part of NAPA Fleet Intelligence, NAPA Voyage Optimization runs in your web browser and doesn’t require any hardware installations or initial investment.

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Key features

  • Weather routing using target speed, RPM, engine load or arrival time
  • Multiple route alternatives provided for comparison
  • Performance of the vessel calculated using NAPA’s proprietary performance model
  • Wind, wind waves and swell, sea and tidal current, water depth and additional safety limits are taken into account
  • Different fuel types and their properties included in the optimization
  • Speed/RPM profile optimization considers avoidance of rough environmental conditions as well as higher fuel costs at Emission Control Areas
  • Proposed route is produced using nautical chart material and is usually ECDIS compliant. Final verification for the safe route will be done onboard with the latest ENC materials and Temporary and Preliminary Notices to Mariners.

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NAPA Voyage Optimization

How it works

  • Browser-based module for NAPA Fleet Intelligence
  • Onboard and on-shore tools, increased communication and awareness
  • Intuitive and smooth User Interface
  • Weather routing for multiple voyage scenarios simulations and comparisons on ETA, fuel cost and safety
  • High accuracy performance model predictions for all commercial ships
  • Even higher performance prediction accuracy when using additional data sources (noon reports, automation measurements)
  • Available also as an API for 3rd party integration
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Benefits Voyage Optimisation

For operators and crew

  • Operate fuel efficiently without compromising safety or arriving on the agreed ETA
  • Decrease crew workload
  • Improve voyage estimates by estimating fuel consumption with vessel specific performance models and likely weather conditions
  • Operate whole voyage with optimum RPM profile, while ensuring reaching the port by Laycan 
  • Calculate effect of ETA changes during voyage, for negotiating demurrage rate of the delayed days and sharing of fuel reduction benefit between operator and charterer
  • Increase Time Charter Equivalent earnings by making better deals, optimizing speed profile and route, and taking advantage of Virtual Arrival or Sea Traffic Management BIMCO clauses

For charterers

  • Increase efficiency in making and altering the plans by improved communication possibilities with operator and crew
  • Use the same performance model, environmental forecasts and optimization algorithms on your own simulations and comparisons as the operator and the crew
  • Decrease costs through improved scheduling, schedule adjustment processes and improved route and speed profile optimization
  • Reduce risk of cargo loss, delays or unnecessary expenditure with enhanced visibility into vessel operations and having ability for actively involved in the voyage planning and execution

Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization

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Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization


  • Port to port connections
  • Vessel draught and UKC requirements (Under Keel Clearance) considered in route finding
  • Usage of channels automatically restricted by vessel size, or disabled manually by end user
  • Route optimized freely on open sea areas while respecting predefined fairways and traffic separation schemes
  • RPM / speed profile optimization done from port to port, while respecting speed limitations on the necessary fairways
Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization


  • Latest vessel position updates automatically
  • Port search to quickly find destinations or user specified coordinates
  • Open / Save your own plans or import & export from/to other formats (RTZ and proprietary ECDIS formats)
  • Specify the primary speed control method for routing
  • Route alternatives are found using selected target
  • Channel restrictions are considered in the proposed routes (TSS, Suez Canal, Panama Canal, etc.)
  • Expected delays from canal passing are automatically taken into account in ETA estimation

Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization


  • Benchmark optimized option against the shortest, user selected voyage or with the typical route for that vessel type for similar time of year
  • Key performance indicators are shown in an easily comparable way
  • Table view available for further details
  • Compare different routes or the same route with different schedules
  • Alternatives can be edited, while the effect on schedule and cost is immediately seen
  • Duplicate an alternative for easy comparison to the original
  • Save or share voyages for later use
Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization

Map and weather information

  • All relevant parameters covered and considered in the optimization
  • Global environmental data forecasts supplemented with local higher resolution forecasts
  • Map layers for the relevant geographic areas, such as Emission Control Areas or Piracy Risk Areas
  • Global distribution of weather and map data ensures good user experience
  • Most important weather information clearly shown on all zoom levels
  • Weather information and ship’s predicted position always in sync
  • Weather forecast can be shown to any selected point on the voyage timeline
  • More details on weather conditions available on closer zoom levels
  • Climatology database will be used beyond reliable forecast span (seasonal, sea area specific conditions)
  • Tropical storm forecast with predicted track
  • Weather forecasts validated by weather service provider and in our own studies
Overview of NAPA Voyage Optimization

API access

API access is available for use cases such as:

  • Onboard voyage planning application needing weather routing for the open sea passage of the voyage.
  • Voyage estimate calculations in a shipping ERP software needing accurate fuel consumption estimates, which consider the most probable weather conditions
  • A shipping company’s internal KPIs needing calculations on what is the cost of anchorage time, how much could have been saved by from weather routing, or benchmarking the performance of different weather routing services
  • A consultancy services for weather routing in need of more scalable IT tools for the fuel consumption estimates
  • Free access available for academic purposes; for example for evaluating emissions on different ship types and trading routes, evaluating saving potential of different fuel saving devices or saving potential of improving operational efficiency of ports by enhanced scheduling systems.

A clear documentation is available for all endpoints:

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A pioneer and leader in AIS based services, is providing weather routing services for their customers based on NAPA’s ship performance models and optimization algorithms.


ChartWorld has generated a route network that allows NAPA to safely optimize voyages from port to port. ChartWorld is also embedding NAPA’s ship performance and optimization algorithms inside their onboard tools related to voyage planning.


NAPA’s high quality ship performance evaluation or weather routing services are utilizing environmental forecasts, nowcasts and climatology models from tidetech


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