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NAPA Careers

At NAPA we work to change the maritime industry for the better


We work in self-managed teams of naval architects, shipping experts, software developers, analysts, and business support specialists who work together to make the maritime world more effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly.

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NAPA values

NAPA lives up to its values every day. The values determine how we treat our customers, partners, and fellow Naparians. They are the basis for our work to develop safer, greener, and more intelligent and innovative solutions for the maritime industry.

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Reliability first

Enjoy working together

Commitment builds trust

Courage leads the way

Success through learning

Meet your future colleagues

NAPA’s global team consists of different professional backgrounds and who possess a wide variety of special skills and competencies. Find out more about some of us here.

Mila Hälinen

Legal & Logistic Specialist

What was initially attractive to Mila about NAPA as an employer was that NAPA seemed a modern, equal, and well-developed working environment.

Claudiu Potorac

Technical Consultant

“NAPA’s way of working in self-management is a huge asset. There is no management pressure which allows for planning the work as you want to do it. And now, you can even work remotely virtually from anywhere.”

Cristina Casapu

Software Developer Trainee

“NAPA is a good place to start your career from. It’s like a programming hub, where many products and projects are simultaneously ongoing. My colleague once said that the software you are working on/developing is like a baby, which you grow and take care of for it to evolve.

Myeong-Jo Son

Senior Software Developer

South-Korean Myeong-Jo Son, also known as M.J at NAPA, works as a Senior Software Developer developing NAPA Designer and concentrating mainly on 3D model-based approval topics.

Helong Wang

Senior Software Developer

Helong Wang relocated to Finland when he took up the role of Senior Software Developer at NAPA. In his work, Helong develops new features for NAPAShipping Solutions’ products and feels that he can make full of use of his skills and talent in this role.

Colin More

Software Developer

Colin More, originally from Canada, works as a Software Developer at NAPA Finland. Colin’s area of expertise is in fluid mechanics, and he is specifically interested in fluid dynamics in shipping.

Karina Pietere

Test Engineer

“Be brave! If you don’t know something, you can learn, no biggie!”

Joakim Heinolainen

Technical Consultant

Joakim enjoys problem-solving. He shares with NAPA’s customers their common goal to complete their ship design projects, which makes his job rewarding.

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Trainee opportunities at NAPA

One way to join NAPA is to become a Trainee. As a Trainee at NAPA, you become an integral member of the team and get to work on actual tasks, and you’ll have a mentor to pair up with and guide you in the beginning. The trainee path has become a starting point for many long-term careers at NAPA. After finishing his studies, NAPA’s CEO Mikko Kuosa started his journey at NAPA over 20 years ago.

Are you interested to learn how we create solutions for the smarter, greener, and safer maritime industry? Check our open positions above. If there’s no Trainee position currently open, you may connect with us and choose Trainee @NAPA to follow our opening Trainee positions.

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