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Our references and their stories with NAPA

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Trusted globally

NAPA is trusted by the global maritime industry already over decades. Nearly 450 customer organizations, such as shipyards, design consultancies, and authorities, rely on our solutions for ship design. More than 2500 naval architects use NAPA daily in their design work. Our customers have improved their productivity and gained a competitive advantage and benefit by integrating NAPA into their design processes.

NAPA customers using the solutions for ship design

Marine industry segments

Trusted by several marine industry segments, from cruise to navy and offshore industries

User organizations

Hundreds of organizations using our solutions for ship design, located in six continents and in more than 40 countries

User community

Thousands of active users in the NAPA user community, many of them meeting annually in NAPA User Meeting and NAPA User Seminars

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Selected references

Case studies and success stories

Bluetech Finland, Finland


Bluetech Finland, since its start, has excelled in ship design by swiftly adapting to evolving demands using NAPA design solutions, including stability calculations, detail design capabilities and advanced 3D modeling, to ensure high-quality client outcomes.


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VARD, Norway


Equipped with NAPA’s 3D based tools, VARD Design & Engineering teams worked smartly, creatively, and collaboratively to slash the typical structural design time by a third, going from contract signing to class package in just 10 weeks


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KYMA, Italy


With NAPA 3D model and structural design solutions, KYMA streamlines yacht design and construction, reducing hull creation time from a year to two months and expediting system design and material procurement.


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Elomatic, Finland


Transforming the industry one project at a time, NAPA and Elomatic have been working together for more than 20 years to create the ships of the future.



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Usuki Shipyard, Japan


Over the last eight years, Usuki Shipyard in Japan has been expanding its use of NAPA’s ship design tools. The team from the Basic Design Section of the Ship Design Department is now looking to expand its use of NAPA 3D Models to include the design of onboard equipment.

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Samsung Heavy Industries, South Korea


By using NAPA design software and solutions for modeling, geometry, and to calculate stability, Samsung Heavy Industries’ (SHI) R&D center – Samsung Ship Model Basin (SSMB) – was able to design the Tri-Star Float model and enter the wind power generation market.

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Hyundai Heavy Industries, South Korea


The world’s largest shipyard, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), implemented NAPA Steel’s 3D model-based ship structural design tool across its Basic Hull Design Department. This marked a paradigm shift for HHI – it facilitated a move away from 2D drawing-based process.

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Fincantieri, Italy


Fincantieri is one of the world’s leading shipyards. Since 1995 it has used NAPA to streamline its design process, with the partnership is still driving innovation today. How has Fincantieri used NAPA Steel to stay ahead of the competition for 18 years?

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Marine Design and Consulting, Norway


By using NAPA software for modeling, geometry, and to calculate ship stability, MDC can efficiently and accurately produce designs for a diverse range of vessels and support its clients with complex clean technology retrofit projects.

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Fosen Design and Solutions, Norway


By integrating NAPA software into its initial design phase, Fosen Design and Solutions could easily take its models from 2D to 3D, laying the foundations for incomparable agility, fewer errors, and a smoother overall design process.

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Aker Arctic, Finland


NAPA brings unrivaled efficiency to the novel ice-class vessel design process at Aker Arctic. With NAPA Steel, Aker Arctic can save time and increase efficiency by further streamlining its design process by using a single consistent model throughout multiple design stages.

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DORIS Engineering, France


An offshore design specialist DORIS Engineering SAS uses NAPA software to accelerate its design processes and deliver competitive options for customers.


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Namura Shipbuilding, Japan


The Technology Development Centre of Namura Shipbuilding, which oversees the development of concept design of standard vessels, uses NAPA when establishing an effective concurrent design process between the different disciplines.


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Møre Maritime, Norway


Norwegian ship consulting company focusing on wellboat designs found NAPA software to meet their needs for an integrated solution for advanced stability and regulation support. In cooperation with Møre Maritime, NAPA prepared a Report Generator for authority approval.


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Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, South Korea

DSME chose NAPA Steel thanks to its transformative effect on the ship design process, following an extensive benchmarking process involving multiple vendors. DSME use the software at both the initial design stages, where changes are frequent and designs must be changed rapidly – and detailed design stages, where reliability and usability are paramount.

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NAPA User Community

NAPA users meet annually in NAPA User Meeting and NAPA User Seminars, organized in Finland, Japan, China, and South Korea.

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