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Solutions for Ship Design

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An inclusive design companion

Our 3D modeling and design functionalities are the most powerful in the industry, making the design process the best it can be.

Over 35 years, we have been combining our comprehensive ship design knowledge and extensive technical capabilities to ensure that the vessels you design are safe, competitive and maximize performance. Built-in development and customizable capabilities enable users to automate repetitive tasks and include user-specific ship design know-how into the system.

Explore the versatility of NAPA, a cutting-edge solution designed for creating and analyzing any kind of floating structure.
From the initial stages to the final execution of ship operations, NAPA caters to every designer’s needs.

Symbol Stability

Hydrostatics and Stability

Comprehensive hydrostatics and stability solutions encompassing regulatory calculations and delivery documentation, coupled with a suite of specialized applications for offshore and submarine design, flooding simulation, and emergency response. These tools enable the customization and development of NAPA, optimizing the design process to suit your needs.

Hull form and Hydrodynamics

You can explore an advanced 3D modeling environment crafted specifically for ship hull design. Our hydrodynamics solutions support predictive operational performance, assisting in creating optimal designs—from initial optimization to production fairing.


Structural design

NAPA’s structural design solution revolutionizes the design process from the very beginning up to detail design, replacing 2D drawings with efficient 3D modeling. This streamlined approach ensures compliance, accurate cost estimates, and boosts productivity in both design and production.

Information sharing and Collaboration

NAPA streamlines design collaboration by integrating with various industry software and supporting multiple CAD formats in NAPA Designer. NAPA Viewer allows stakeholders to review designs and provide real-time feedback, enhancing efficiency, innovation, and sustainability in ship design.

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