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NAPA Stability

The next generation stability management for passenger ships

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NAPA Stability a the next generation of passenger ships stability management solution with a clear and informative user interface

Optimize stability and safety

Created with experienced users and NAPA’s core expertise, NAPA Stability is the world’s most trusted stability solution for passenger ships. This next-generation stability and safety management solution addresses the needs of onboard experts for everyday stability process management.  For the shore-side stakeholders, the cloud-based NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform delivers critical information for real-time situational awareness.


NAPA Stability delivers

  • A modern, informative and intuitive graphical user interface
  • Assessment of the ship’s stability for both intact and damaged conditions
  • Designed to fulfill IACS UR L5 Type 4 requirements enabling Safe Return to Port
  • Easy planning without interfering with current conditions
  • Continuous maintenance and cyber security updates
  • Critical data available in NAPA Fleet Intelligence cloud platform for Fleet Operation Centers and Emergency Response Services
NAPA Stability features

Monitor and plan stability operations

NAPA Stability provides a clear user interface where current conditions can be monitored and planning can be done simultaneously.

Detailed work processes can be viewed in dedicated windows and tabs.

Clear color indications and notifications enable fast reactions to stability status changes.

NAPA Stability features

Manage all stability related planning processes

NAPA Stability offers dedicated windows for more detailed working processes or information monitoring.

This applies to processes such as draft survey, hydrostatic and strengths data, or tank content history monitoring.

NAPA Stability features

Assess any actual damage

After damage has been automatically recognized or manually created, NAPA Stability shows each stage of flooding with damage criteria notifications.

NAPA Stability monitors the watertight door status and calculates the immersion angle of escape routes.

A dedicated tool can be used for ship grounding situations.

NAPA Stability features

Monitor stability anytime, anywhere

Critical NAPA Stability information is available to shoreside experts working in Fleet Operations Centers or Emergency Response Services. The information can be accessed on a cloud-based NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform.

Relevant key stakeholders can gain situational awareness of their fleet stability and safety status anywhere and anytime. 

Take a sneak peek at NAPA Stability

NAPA Stability will be deployed alongside the NAPA Fleet Intelligence cloud-based platform, enabling better communication and data sharing with shoreside teams. The new solution createsa multi-user environment to monitor real-time stability and safety conditions.

Please find out more as Jussi Siltanen, Senior Product Manager for NAPA Safety Solutions walks you through our new stability solution in the video.

For a full demo of the solution, please, contact us at

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