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NAPA software brings smart savings to INPEX LNG carrier fleet

How the largest oil and gas exploration and production company in Japan uses data to deliver energy in a more sustainable way We recently met with Kenichi Fujiwara and Kazuhisa Higuchi from Marine Transport Unit at INPEX to discuss how their collaboration with NAPA is helping them improve the efficiency of the LNG carriers they […]

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Data powering safety: NAPA’s tailored solutions enhance risk monitoring for MOL’s 800-vessel fleet

How one of the largest shipping companies in the world is using NAPA’s cloud-based Fleet Intelligence solution to monitor and mitigate navigational risks. We recently met with Takeru Suzuki, General Manager, Smart Shipping Division, at Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), to discuss how collaboration with NAPA reduces the risk of grounding for the company’s 800+ vessels. […]

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How understanding your operational patterns can help prevent groundings

Groundings are one of the most frequent types of navigational accidents, and they can lead to dramatic consequences for people and the environment. The latest advances in digital technology can help prevent such incidents, and NAPA has pioneered a system which uses operational patterns to detect ship grounding risk. The key conclusions of our research […]

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Nissen Kaiun vessels obtain highest Digital Smart Ship notations from ClassNK following long-term use of NAPA Optimization and Monitoring solutions

Partnership on cloud-based and onboard efficiency leads to upgraded technological notation for Nissen Kaiun vessels, while ClassNK certifies NAPA Fleet Intelligence and Performance Monitoring solutions.   Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan – May 19, 2022: NAPA has announced that its data-powered voyage efficiency solutions have obtained a key innovation certification from class society ClassNK, who […]

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NAPA and MOL have rolled out digital Navigational Risk Monitoring Solution on MOL’s 700+ ships

Following joint development and testing with ClassNK, NAPA and MOL have rolled out a cloud-based solution on over 700 of MOL’s ships to intelligently monitor and mitigate navigational risks   Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan January 26, 2022: NAPA, the leading maritime software, services, and data analysis provider, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), one of […]

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NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK agree to joint further development for a comprehensive navigational risk monitoring system

The grounding risk monitoring system, based on the NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform, has proven successful in its proof-of-concept stage and will provide new capabilities for mitigating and monitoring navigational risks   Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan 25 March 2021 – NAPA, the leading maritime software, service and data analysis provider, alongside leading classification society, ClassNK, […]

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NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK co-operate on a new vessel grounding risk monitoring software

MOL is taking part in proof-of-concept for the grounding risk monitoring system using the NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform, aiming to reduce the risk of vessel grounding and increase operational safety across the maritime industry NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK issued a joint press release originally in Japanese on December 21, 2020. See the original version here. […]

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Fuel consumption transparency in chartering?

by Pekka Pakkanen, Director, Development, NAPA Shipping Solutions In May this year Trafigura added a clause to its standard terms and conditions with shipowners, requiring information that will allow it to track how much fuel is consumed per metric tonne of cargo loaded while transporting Trafigura-controlled cargoes. To give you a sense of the scale […]

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Accurate zero installation methods for monitoring operational efficiency

Guarantee of ship speed at given consumption is essential for planning of the operations. NAPA Fleet Intelligence makes possible accurate ship performance assessment with zero onboard installations – revealing level of fouling and the effect of weather to the performance – with the help of a digital twin of the vessel. We have built hydrodynamics-based […]

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INPEX selects NAPA to deliver performance monitoring for all of its LNG carriers servicing its Ichthys project

Helsinki, Finland – 12 February 2019 ClassNK-NAPA GREEN provides continuous real-time data to monitor and improve safety and performance NAPA, the leading maritime software, services and data analysis provider, today announced that after a competitive tender, INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX), Japan’s largest oil and gas exploration and production company, has chosen to install NAPA’s comprehensive solution […]

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