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Turning innovation into value through combined expertise and collaboration

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Connecting people, technologies, ideas and expertise through NAPA Studios

NAPA Studios fosters cross-industry partnerships and projects to deliver new insights and solutions in addressing some of the maritime industry’s most critical challenges and uncertainties, such as energy transition, tightening environmental regulations, supply chain disruptions and cybersecurity.

We offer the opportunity to leverage NAPA’s existing expertise – spanning ship design, safety, and operational efficiency – to create innovative, data-driven solutions and partnerships built on the foundation of digital technology, data, and transparency, aiming to create lasting, tangible value.

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NAPA Studios approach

Creating customized solutions

Showcasing future-oriented digital solutions backed by extensive, proven experience covering the whole lifecycle of a vessel – from the shipyard to the sea.

Providing established technology and innovation

Providing fresh perspectives and discovering opportunities to turn innovation into concrete value and lasting success.


Strengthening collaboration and partnerships

Building and strengthening relationships between maritime stakeholders spanning shipyards, owners, operators, charterers, ports, financiers and insurers to form new innovative frameworks for successful business models.

Supporting customers with their business goals

Empowering our customers to achieve their goals and to meet and exceed their expectations. Creating lasting, tangible value to boost their business further.

NAPA Studios projects

Based on our unique expertise and technology stack, NAPA Studios has already addressed some of the industry challenges and uncertainties by leveraging data science and digital technologies and by collaborating to build new operational frameworks.

Emission reduction up to 28% proven by joint simulation project on wind-assisted ships

CASE: Which energy-saving technology should be used, and what would be the ROI 

  • A joint simulation project between NAPA, Norsepower, and Sumitomo found that the combination of NAPA Voyage Optimization with the Norsepower Rotor SailTM wind propulsion can deliver emissions reductions of 28% on average.
  • Of these average CO2 emissions savings, the contribution of NAPA Voyage Optimization can be estimated at 12%.
  • The joint simulation project leveraged actionable insights from NAPA’s Ship Performance Model and NAPA Voyage Simulation tools, creating a digital twin to simulate the performance of the tankers in selected sea areas and estimate their CO2 reduction and potential fuel savings.


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NAPA Voyage Optimization to improve vessel's CII score and reduce fuel consumption

CASE: How ship performance model and operational data can be used together to future-proof fleets

  • In a joint study with Marubeni and ClassNK, NAPA used its cloud-based Fleet Intelligence platform that combines NAPA’s expertise in naval architecture and unique performance model with years of data on actual sailed voyages and weather conditions to generate actionable insights for emission reduction across Marubeni’s fleet.
  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions cut down by 7,3%.
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Collaboration to develop cloud-based Navigational Risk Monitoring

CASE: How to use data science models and collaboration to further improve ship operational safety

  • Building on the combined expertise of all three partners, MOL, ClassNK and NAPA collaborated to develop a cloud-based solution to monitor and mitigate navigational risks intelligently, deploying the solution on over 700 of MOL’s ships.
  • The solution is based on NAPA’s cloud-based monitoring platform, NAPA Fleet Intelligence, which combines several data sources, such as position data, ship data, sea depth, and navigational charts, with NAPA’s data on typical operational patterns.
  • This collaboration demonstrates how shipping’s digital innovators can collaborate to address critical safety challenges and improve the safety and efficiency of navigation.
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Blue Visby - a collaborative initiative on decarbonization

CASE: Framework for collaboration

  • NAPA is a co-founder of the Blue Visby Solution providing a technological and contractual platform to solve the “Sail Fast, then Wait” problem.
  • Blue Visby Solution can reduce emissions for maritime journeys by 15% on average, based on the global analysis of dry and wet bulk carriers and confirmed by research on a fleet of 68 Marubeni gas and chemical tankers.
  • The Blue Visby contractual and digital solution optimizes arrivals, enabling vessels to reduce their speed – and emissions – without impacting their commercial performance.
  • The Blue Visby Consortium is coordinated by NAPA and maritime law firm Stephenson Harwood LLP, bringing together over 30 key maritime stakeholders across the value chain: the shipping industry, governments, classification societies, consultancies, financial institutions, environmental organizations, and academia.
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From the shipyard to the sea

NAPA Studios leverages and converges relevant solutions from our existing technology stack – including our expertise in ship design and digital solutions for operational safety and efficiency.

Our 35 years of maritime industry experience and technologies, spanning hydrodynamics, stability, hull design, structural design, as well as fleet management, performance monitoring and optimization, safety and data analytics, gives us a unique advantage in covering the whole lifecycle of the ship – from shipyard to the sea. With this expertise and insights, combined with those of our customers and other stakeholders, we can create proven value and lasting success for the customer, the maritime industry and our planet.

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