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Tag: Navigational safety


How a new way of monitoring flooding risk increases safety onboard passenger ships – case studies

In a previous blog, we described how NAPA has developed an innovative framework to conduct a rapid assessment and real-time monitoring of operational flooding risks for passenger ships. In this article, we go beyond theory and look at two case studies that showcase how this new approach will work in practice and improve the safety […]

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How vulnerable is your vessel to flooding? A new framework to monitor risk proactively

Taking ship safety to new heights, NAPA has developed an innovative framework to enable passenger ships to assess and monitor operational flooding risks rapidly and proactively. Building on NAPA’s experience with the development and deployment of its Emergency Computer, this new framework is a significant development as it enables risk to be calculated more accurately […]

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New method developed to assess risk of a flooding accident on ships

As part of the ongoing FLARE project, NAPA is collaborating with other experts to find better ways to assess the vulnerability of ships in emergencies. One of the most important questions for us to answer is how to assess and evaluate a ship’s current level of risk, as comprehensively as possible. One gap that we’ve […]

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NAPA and MOL have rolled out digital Navigational Risk Monitoring Solution on MOL’s 700+ ships

Following joint development and testing with ClassNK, NAPA and MOL have rolled out a cloud-based solution on over 700 of MOL’s ships to intelligently monitor and mitigate navigational risks   Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan January 26, 2022: NAPA, the leading maritime software, services, and data analysis provider, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), one of […]

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NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK agree to joint further development for a comprehensive navigational risk monitoring system

The grounding risk monitoring system, based on the NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform, has proven successful in its proof-of-concept stage and will provide new capabilities for mitigating and monitoring navigational risks   Helsinki, Finland and Tokyo, Japan 25 March 2021 – NAPA, the leading maritime software, service and data analysis provider, alongside leading classification society, ClassNK, […]

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NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK co-operate on a new vessel grounding risk monitoring software

MOL is taking part in proof-of-concept for the grounding risk monitoring system using the NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform, aiming to reduce the risk of vessel grounding and increase operational safety across the maritime industry NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK issued a joint press release originally in Japanese on December 21, 2020. See the original version here. […]

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NAPA tackles grounding risk with Big Data in the FLARE project

by Teemu Manderbacka, Lead R&D Engineer, NAPA Shipping Solutions How can Big Data help us understand – and, importantly avoid – grounding accidents? To answer this question and more, NAPA is participating in the FLARE project, a European Commission-funded collaboration between key stakeholders from industry, academia, and policymakers, involved in ship flooding risk research. FLARE […]

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