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NAPA Logbook

NAPA Logbook main view

Ship logbook entries – quick and easy

An electronic logbook serves the same purpose as a traditional paper logbook but also brings major additional benefits to its users in terms of time savings, data validation, and data sharing.

NAPA Logbook is a PC application, which can be used from any onboard computer. The users can easily search any official logbook event for authorities, filter results with keywords, make calculations based on automation signals and check values against boundary conditions. As the world’s leading provider of electronic logbooks, NAPA Logbook has more than a decade’s service on board vessels serving more than 8,000 users and is approved by more than 20 major flag states, including the Bahamas, Panama and Malta. NAPA Logbook is also DNV type certified for MARPOL record keeping.

  • Decrease workload and errors: Replace all paper logbooks and save considerable time and effort for Officers 
  • Make routines easier: Combine logbooks and checklists, as well as get data directly from automation triggered by time or signals 
  • Increase transparency: Applicable for all data recording and available anytime onboard and ashore 
  • Secure and flag approved: The tamper proof NAPA Logbook provides a rigorous backup system for all recorded data. This includes the data that must be logged under EU MRV, MARPOL and the Ballast Water Management Convention
  • A component in big data: Monitor, analyze and combine data for optimizing your operations 
  • Integrates with NAPA Status Board on-board monitoring tool, NAPA Voyage Reporting, NAPA Decision Support checklist cards and NAPA Office 

Main features

  • Logbook automatically enters data from different sources for user approval 
  • Manual logbook entries 
  • Automatic creation of dependent entries 
  • Can be installed on the ship network for easy use from any computer onboard
  • Quickly and accurately search for entered data 
  • Print out logbook data 
  • Secure use and backing up 
  • Creation of entries with a mobile app

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Flag state approvals

NAPA Logbook is currently approved or accepted by flag states listed below to be used as ship’s official logbook as replacement for the paper logbooks, subject to flag state-specific requirements being met. Some flag state also limit the types of logbooks which can be electronic. Please contact us for details.

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Approved flags

  • Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Ecuador
  • Estonia
  • Faroe Islands
  • Finland
  • Gibraltar
  • Isle of Man
  • Liberia
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Panama
  • UK / MCA
  • USA / USCG
  • Singapore
  • Sweden
Additional solutions with NAPA Logbook

Electronic checklists

NAPA Logbook can be extended with an electronic checklist module. The checklists can be used for any kind of operational checklists, such as arrival, departure, bunkering etc. Moreover, the checklist software application is possible to install on Windows tablet computers and provides a portable solution.

  • Touch-screen/tablet compatible checklist viewer
  • Easy-to-use graphical editor tool for users to create or modify checklists
  • Multimedia content can be included in checklist “cards”
  • Automatic linking with NAPA Logbook
  • Clear progress indication of which parts of the checklist are completed
  • Summary of the completed checklist is saved locally, can be printed, and can be automatically sent to NAPA Logbook.
Additional solutions with NAPA Logbook

Status Board

Efficient data monitoring onboard is a key issue for the crew in order to secure transparent communication. NAPA Status Board is an electronic whiteboard that can be installed on a larger screen in key locations onboard the ship, to make it easy and efficient to monitor key data from various systems onboard. This includes manual input systems such as NAPA Logbook. 

  • Minimizes the need for manual double work in data collection 
  • Distribution and exchange of data across the ship, e.g. during shift change 
  • Use existing real-time data from different sources 
  • Can be used on different devices, such as big monitor screens, tablets and workstations 
  • Standardized across the fleet, making Officers’ transfer and learning easy
Additional solutions with NAPA Logbook

NAPA Fleet Intelligence

NAPA Logbook system is designed to be used together with the shore based NAPA Fleet Intelligence (NAPA Office) system. The NAPA Fleet Intelligence system is used for synchronizing the data from vessel to shore and distributing the data to the end users through a web portal based solution. NAPA Fleet Intelligence can collect and combine data from various sources such as onboard flow meters, torque/thrust meters, automation systems and navigation systems or meteorological services.

  • Includes analyzer and dynamic dashboards for visualizing and exploring fleet and ship data
  • Possibility to create own reports from the collected data
  • Drill data with different criteria such as ship, class, time, voyages, legs and phases
NAPA Fleet Intelligence

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