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Solutions for Ship Operations

Environmental and safe seafaring pioneer

Safety, fuel economy, and eco-efficiency are core challenges for today’s ship owners, operators and shipbuilders. Optimizing ship efficiency and minimizing risks can make the difference in today’s marketplace.

NAPA solutions for ship operations take safety, fuel efficiency and sustainability to a new level – offering validated savings of up to 30%.

Symbol Stability

Ship stability and safety

The ability to optimize load while minimizing stress and safety risk is a key competitive advantage for ship operators today. NAPA Loading Computer ensures safe and optimal planning of stowage, cargo and ballast for different ship types. The system covers a wide range of calculations related to hydrostatics, intact stability, damage stability and longitudinal strength. Ship safety is taken to a new level with NAPA Emergency Computer solution for risk monitoring and flooding prediction.

Symbol Logbook

Monitoring & logbook

Efficient data recording and monitoring onboard is a key issue for crew in order to secure transparent communication. NAPA provides a complete portfolio for data management and performance monitoring onboard and ashore.

Symbol Optimise

Performance optimization

There is no question that optimized performance of ship in terms of maintenance and operation provides businesses with enhanced economic and environmental benefits. NAPA Fleet Intelligence helps customers to better support fleet and ship management by providing scientific insights based on various data and NAPA’s own expertise. NAPA Voyage Optimization enables optimized route and speed profile with highly reliable ship performance model.

Symbol Analysis

Performance analysis

Performance analysis of the ship requires specific domain knowledge and certain level of expertise because of the complexity of ship’s behaviour in dynamic circumstances. NAPA is capable of providing easy-to-understand but highly professional analysis of the ship and fleet according to customers’ needs, utilizing our 30 years of experiences in 3D hull form modelling and analytics.

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