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NAPA Stand Talk at SMM 2022: Revolution of 3D based ship design

At SMM 2022 in Hamburg, we had several interesting stand talks with our customers.

On Tuesday, NAPA’s Tommi Kurki and Mikko Forss discussed with Sebastiano Battagli (Technical Manager) and Caterina Benedetti (Basic Design Team Leader) from Meccano Engineering about the benefits of NAPA in the concept design phase. For instance, by using NAPA, Meccano Engineering is able to calculate more accurate weight estimates earlier in the design process.

On Wednesday, we were joined by Lars Oetting (Technical Director) and Fritz Bohl (Naval Architect) from Neptun Ship Design to discuss how NAPA’s flexible software solutions and 3D models help minimize risks, increase design accuracy and enable great strides in design innovation. The efficient platforms, like NAPA, also make it easier for multiple stakeholders to collaborate on projects, saving time and costs.

On Thursday, we discussed about the role of NAPA at Bluetech Finland, with Mikko Takala (Project Manager) and Lauri Nenonen (Project Manager). By using NAPA Steel for structural design, Bluetech Finland has been able to increase the efficiency and accuracy in their design work. For example, it’s possible to get more accurate weight estimates earlier than before and the automatic finite element meshing of NAPA saves a lot of time and increases the quality.


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