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NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK co-operate on a new vessel grounding risk monitoring software

MOL is taking part in proof-of-concept for the grounding risk monitoring system using the NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform, aiming to reduce the risk of vessel grounding and increase operational safety across the maritime industry

NAPA, MOL, and ClassNK issued a joint press release originally in Japanese on December 21, 2020. See the original version here.

Tokyo, Japan 21 December, 2020

NAPA (CEO: Mikko Kuosa, Headquarters: Helsinki), the leading maritime software, services, data analysis provider, and leading Classification Society ClassNK (President & CEO: Hiroaki Sakashita, Headquarters: Tokyo), have announced a new co-operation to develop a system to intelligently monitor and mitigate grounding risks and increase operational safety. Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL: President & CEO: Junichiro Ikeda, Headquarters: Tokyo), the multimodal transport group, is collaborating in the project by testing the system in practice for fleet-wide safety monitoring.

The system will combine many data sources to provide users with a robust and accurate platform to better monitor their fleet. It will provide alerts and notifications to crew onboard, as well as those onshore when vessels operate in a non-compliant way. The aim is to increase the overall safety culture and reduce the risk of vessel grounding. This system will be based on NAPA Fleet Intelligence, a platform already enabling optimizing voyages for safety and efficiency – now extending to monitoring the safety of voyages.

NAPA is collaborating with MOL during the proof of concept phase, while ClassNK is providing its expertise throughout the full product development. The proof of concept is scheduled to be completed soon, with the software set to be fully developed and deployable in Spring 2021, with further development to cover other navigational risks than grounding.


About NAPA

In its over 30 years of operation, NAPA has become a global leader in developing and scaling software, services and data analysis for a safer, smarter, and more sustainable maritime industry.
NAPA operates globally, with over 180 employees in eleven countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and has a turnover of more than €25.6m. To date, NAPA has 420 user organizations for its design solutions and nearly 3,000 installations onboard vessels.
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About Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd.

MOL, as a multimodal transport group, meets the needs of the era in a wide variety of fields. MOL’s activities are truly borderless, based on the operation of one of the world’s largest merchant fleets, backed by expertise and technology developed throughout over 130-year history. The MOL Group is promoting technological development using ICT to achieve “Provision of ‘stress-free services,’ which it will offer from the customer’s perspective”, the further enhancement of tools to support safe operation, and the deeper reductions in environmental impact.
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About ClassNK

Founded in 1899, ClassNK is a ship classification society dedicated to safer and cleaner seas. ClassNK provides diverse technical services including surveys and classifications of ships and marine structures based on its own rules, statutory certifications on behalf of more than 110 flag states, management system certifications in line with ISO and other international standards. ClassNK joins the project to explore the appropriate ways to assess ship safety in the digital era based on the concept of ClassNK Digital Grand Design 2030.
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