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Data powering safety: NAPA’s tailored solutions enhance risk monitoring for MOL’s 800-vessel fleet

How one of the largest shipping companies in the world is using NAPA’s cloud-based Fleet Intelligence solution to monitor and mitigate navigational risks.

We recently met with Takeru Suzuki, General Manager, Smart Shipping Division, at Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL), to discuss how collaboration with NAPA reduces the risk of grounding for the company’s 800+ vessels.

MOL and NAPA worked together to develop a system to monitor the situation of vessels in real time. The solution aims to enhance safety across MOL’s fleet by predicting the risk of grounding in advance and alerting the shoreside teams, giving them greater situational awareness of navigational hazards.

NAPA’s cloud-based system alerts the teams working 24/7 in MOL’s Safety Operation Supporting Center (SOSC) of potential navigational risks faced by MOL’s owned and hired fleet. The alerts are evaluated, and if deemed necessary, the Center team will initiate direct contact with the Master involved to inform them of the risks and provide support.

A bespoke solution

The new solution is based on NAPA’s cloud-based monitoring platform, NAPA Fleet Intelligence, which does not require any onboard hardware installation or crew input. By combining several data sources, such as position data, ship data, sea depth, and nautical charts, with NAPA’s data on typical operational patterns, the solution provides users with a robust, reliable, easy-to-use fleet-wide platform to reduce grounding risk.

The solution was tailored to MOL’s specific needs and operational context. “We chose NAPA because they are very quick. They respond to our questions and requirement in a timely manner,” Mr. Suzuki said. “Moreover, NAPA defined our requirements very well.”

MOL could not install new equipment onboard all vessels, as some are chartered on a short-term basis rather than owned. “NAPA’s idea was great. They asked us to use general data, which can be used for all the vessels, regardless of the ownership of the ship. It was a very good viewpoint, and we felt they understood our circumstances very well,” Mr. Suzuki added.

An intuitive platform

Yukako Mibu, General Manager at MOL Information Systems, helped plan MOL’s information and communication technology (ICT) strategy and was heavily involved in implementing the Navigational Risk Monitoring system. She highlighted that NAPA’s platform is intuitive and easy to learn for its users.

“NAPA is agile and quick to respond to our requirements, which have been changing along the way. Moreover, NAPA is not just answering our demands, but also proactively suggesting solutions,” Ms. Mibu said.

Looking ahead

As part of the MOL Smart Shipping division, Mr. Suzuki is on a mission to improve the safety of ship operations and reduce the workload of seafarers.

Following the success of this project, MOL is now considering expanding its collaboration with NAPA. “The shipping industry is going through a major digital transformation, which is improving workflows, creating new business models, breaking away legacy systems, and transforming corporate culture,” Mr. Suzuki said.

“We have a long history of over 130 years. We’ll keep resilient by changing and developing to meet evolving social needs,” he added.

NAPA looks forward to furthering our collaboration.

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