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Cristina-Ioana Casapu

Ioana works as a Software Developer at NAPA Shipping Solutions in Romania. Her work is versatile coding, varying from front-end to back-end development of NAPA Voyage Optimization solution. The thinking process of programming is what Ioana likes the most in software development since solving a small issue can lead to solving a bigger issue, and through that, the world becomes a better place.
“How NAPA software works has real bearings on people’s safety. Being able to anticipate a storm at sea, for example, is vital. It’s something real and actually useful.”

Software Developer

Since starting at NAPA, Ioana has sharpened her coding skills and developed her communication skills for a global organization. Through the weekly and daily meetings, working at NAPA has given her awareness to look at things from different perspectives in a company context. Besides the software development angle, things are to be considered from the customers’ and business perspectives.

On learning about NAPA during her studies at the Galati University, Ioana shortlisted NAPA as one of the potential workplaces to reach out to. She did that through NAPA connect and before long started working at NAPA. Self-management and flexibility of NAPA allow her to organize her work time and studies freely in a way that works for her. As part of self-management, decision-making happens among Naparians, everybody contributing and having a say. It does bring with it a great deal of responsibility, but it feels as if everyone is going for the same goal: the success of NAPA, Ioana describes.

There are great people at NAPA. They’re friendly across all NAPA locations and very intelligent. This can be seen from the way Naparians collaborate and communicate with one another. Naparians always give a helping hand when needed, and therefore, one doesn’t feel alone. Virtual coffee breaks with the team have been nice for general discussions about life and keeping in contact with colleagues, says Ioana.

“NAPA is a good place to start your career from. It’s like a programming hub, where many products and projects are simultaneously ongoing. My colleague once said that the software you are working on/developing is like a baby, which you grow and take care of for it to evolve. The shipping industry offers some unusual career opportunities for programming.”

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