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Vlad-Alexandru Dorobantu

Vlad-Alexandru Dorobanțu has the job role of Test Engineer in Safety Solutions at NAPA Romania. The main task of this role is to check and test all the changes made to each product developed by NAPA before being installed on cruise ships. Working in collaboration with his team and the Commissioning Engineers of NAPA, Vlad ensures the reliability and development of the NAPA software and the successful commissioning of the NAPA products. Vlad views his work as a big responsibility in testing software that is in use on the world’s biggest cruise ships.

Vlad Dorobantu

Vlad Dorobantu, Test Engineer

NAPA has been a renowned company among students at the Galati University, and Vlad began to work for NAPA as a Test Engineer Trainee during his studies in IT Engineering. Since graduation, he has been a Naparian on a full-time basis. What was attractive to Vlad about NAPA, among other things, was that it is an English-speaking organization that has a global presence. Vlad can use English as his working language, develop his communication skills and gain more profound technical knowledge of IT domain. During his time at NAPA, Vlad has also learned how an IT company works as a business.

“For someone living in Romania, working at a self-managed company is a rare and unique experience, because this is simply not common in our (Romanians) culture. The fact that the decisions belong to Naparians makes working at NAPA even more enjoyable. We create decision pages based on our needs, with different options that create different results. The people comment about what would be the best option for this decision, and because of this, more ideas and options appear in the comments. In the end, the decision is made based on what would be the best for the future of the company. Being able to be involved in this process makes an employee feel more important in the company.”

Vlad describes his colleagues as simply awesome because they’re just as happy to help them as Vlad is, wherever the problem may be. The team communicates in daily scrum meetings, for example, to collectively solve issues, and because everyone is involved, it’s easier to understand things and collectively learn as well.

The idea of continuous improvement is the best thing Vlad has learned during his NAPA career so far, because it is vital and necessary due to the complexity of NAPA products. In the future of his profession, Vlad wants to go further into automation testing.

Vlad would recommend applying for NAPA, especially to the IT domain students. NAPA offers a strong term of comparison to other IT companies. NAPA employees receive a healthy, respectful working environment, where the implication of the work is meaningful. Naparians have access to courses for the skills they want to develop, and they get to meet and speak with people in other countries.

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