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Helong Wang

Helong Wang relocated to Finland when he took up the role of Senior Software Developer at NAPA. In his work, Helong develops new features for NAPAShipping Solutions’ products and feels that he can make full of use of his skills and talent in this role.

Helong Wang, Senior Software Developer

Helong became familiar with NAPA’s solutions for ship design earlier in his career in Japan and later again through his voyage optimization (PhD.) research at Chalmers University in Gothenburg, Sweden. A connection between Helong and NAPA was established, and discussions resulted in Helong’s recruitment and relocation to Helsinki, Finland.

The relocation experience went smoothly with the professional help he received for finding suitable housing and establishing the local set-up, explains Helong. He elaborates that among the key deciding factors about his move were the good living standards and stability of the Nordic countries like Finland. I appreciate the convenient, balanced way of life here, Helong says.

“I want to live my life as myself.”

The job role Helong came into was exactly what he expected, and he views NAPA as a unique company because NAPA does things he is most interested in. Coming from a naval architecture background, he also looks forward to opportunities to grow and expand his knowledge in software development at NAPA. My colleagues are nice, supportive, and readily help with any questions I might have. The company culture is open to new, and I am free to make decisions of my own, Helong reflects.

“I have the knowledge, and here I can put it to work”.

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