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Claudiu Potorac

Claudiu Potorac, Technical Consultant at Safety Solutions in NAPA Romania, does 3D modeling work and other tasks that support the delivery of all NAPA Safety Solutions’ products, for example, NAPA Loading Computer, NAPA Emergency Computer, and NAPA Logbook. In his work, he interacts with NAPA’s customers and collaborates with the Commissioning Engineers of NAPA to ensure they can commence with their work in an efficient and productive way.

Claudiu Potorac

Claudiu Potorac, Technical Consultant

Claudiu thinks that the opportunity to work for NAPA is something to be grateful for because it revolves around the things he is genuinely interested in. What he finds most enjoyable, in addition, is that he can plan and organize his work flexibly. He can choose how to work and how to schedule his tasks.

“NAPA’s way of working in self-management is a huge asset. There is no management pressure which allows for planning the work as you want to do it. And now, you can even work remotely virtually from anywhere.”

After his naval architecture studies, Claudiu became a member of a team of five persons whom he knows from university times. The team members know each other very well, and Claudiu describes them as more than just colleagues, as they hang out having fun in their free time, too. Claudiu adds that he has good relations with all Naparians, and there is reciprocity in helping one another.

When asked about the most memorable experiences at NAPA so far, Claudiu brings up the visit onboard a ship. Back at the office one has an abstract idea of how things work, but onboard a ship you learn how things really work and how different NAPA products work together. Claudiu also visited NAPA’s head office in Helsinki in 2019, at the very beginning of his NAPA career, where he met his colleagues in person. This enabled forming trusting relations among new colleagues and got him off to a good start.

The transparency of decision-making is something notable about NAPA, says Claudiu. The decisions are documented publicly within the company and are visible to all. Everyone can contribute to the decisions by giving their input and in that way support the company to make the best decision in each subject matter. As words of advice to future Naparians, Claudiu concludes:

“Try not to be scared to speak your mind and your ideas. At NAPA, you’re going to be listened to and your contribution is welcomed.”

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