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NAPA Viewer

Up-to-date design in 3D for all stakeholders

A web-based 3D design and sharing tool for all stakeholders

NAPA Viewer is a new web-based solution, that enables easy access to up-to-date NAPA 3D models for all stakeholders directly through a web browser. With this easiness, NAPA Viewer enables cost-effective and straightforward communications between stakeholders involved in the design process.

NAPA Viewer complements and facilitates 3D model-based approval which has been one of the main drivers in its development.

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Easy access to the 3D model

The streaming technology allows the design owner to share a 3D NAPA ship model, created with NAPA Naval Architecture and NAPA Steel, directly from their server to multiple other parties via a web browser.

Secure communication and information security are ensured through user access control and authentication. A server hosting the projects can also be located within the company premises, adding layer of security. Alternatively, the solution can be installed on the cloud, to ensure quick and remote access.

Real-time information and seamless communication

In the world of 3D design, collaboration and continuous innovation are essential. NAPA Viewer simplifies this with a built-in communication platform, allowing users to access real-time information and interact directly within the 3D model.

NAPA Viewer has a built-in communication platform, enabling interaction between users directly within the 3D model. Communication can be mapped onto certain objects, including an option to use a saved view to quickly help visualize the objects. The platform also lets users tag others and attach documents, allowing for well-managed and targeted communication.


3D model-based design review and approval

NAPA Viewer is developed to support 3DMBA (3D Model-based Approval) as providing a primary source of information for the up-to-date design data to be reviewed and approved by classification societies. The model owner can easily control access rights, while communication related to the design review and approval process can be handled directly within the platform.


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