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NAPA Release 2024.1

The first NAPA Release of 2024 is out now!

NAPA Release 2024.1 has been published! The new functionality, updates and changes in the software have been included in the NAPA Release Notes 2024.1 document, available in NAPAnet, with the installation media.

The new release highlights include

  • Easier hull form design process
  • Quicker reaction to design changes with loading conditions
  • Bringing the power and flexibility of initial design tools to detail structural design
  • Integrated engineering experience for strength assessment and 3D approval
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Easier Hull Form Design Process

NAPA Designer supports now hull form transformation which enables an easy start for the hull form design process, by utilizing existing hull form data, for example from existing NAPA project databases. The hull form transformation functionality in the interactive 3D user interface speeds up the design and modeling process. The first version contains a support for linear transformations, including the transformation of main dimensions, displacement and longitudinal center of buoyancy.

The new hull surface backup / restore functionality makes it possible to try out transformations safely for a hull surface, with a possibility to restore the previous version(s).

Quicker Reaction to Design Changes

The loading condition toolset of NAPA Designer has been extended with several user-requested features. Now, it is easier to monitor the key results and react to possible design changes. The extended compliance indicators are available now for floating position, stability and strength, proving a quick overview for the rule compliance and feasibility of loading conditions. The balancing functionality helps to adjust one or several loading conditions at once, for example to correct floating positions.

The real-time result panels are now customizable, supporting all standard quantities for floating position, stability and weights.

From Initial to Detail Structural Design

We have addressed several customer needs for example to handle design changes more efficiently and to create detailed structural models faster.

Numerous useful features, developed based on extensive user feedback, include:

  • Robust reference handling of object definitions
  • Combining main objects for efficient penetration control
  • UX improvements in the visualization
  • Several detailed design features, such as variable-shaped stiffeners, improved arc shape modeling, and various corner notches for bracket

These enhancements bring flexibility and powerful tools when continuing from initial to detail structural design.

Robust references to stiffeners in surface object definitions in NAPA Designer

Variable-shaped stiffener for a transition area (NAPA Designer)

Strength Assessment and 3D Approval

NAPA optimizes the structural engineering experience by providing an integrated platform for 3D design, strength assessment and 3D class approval.

The new release brings in a wide range of improvements to further streamline the structural assessment process, such as significant performance improvements in finite element meshing (FEM) and enhanced capabilities for interfacing with ABS, CCS, and ClassNK software.

ClassNK PrimeShip-Hull Results Back

The OCX interface (import/export), a primary feature for 3D class approval, now supports the OCX schema version 3.0.0. It includes also new improvements, such as external CAD references for compensating detailed parts and equipment visualization. These enhancements support effective design review by class societies’ approval viewers.

External CAD reference in OCX (Image: DNV Sesam Insight)

To achieve true 3D approval, it’s essential to replace the drawing-based communication in shipyards. NAPA Viewer aims to support this. The new features for visualizing object parameters and material sides help to communicate design intents within the stakeholders in a shipyard.

Visualization of a design intent (object parameter material thickness) in NAPA Viewer

For more information on the latest news on 3D class approval with NAPA, please see the NAPA User Meeting 2024 presentation materials which available in NAPAnet (requires a login).

Thank you for reading!

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