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NAPA & Stena Line: Two Decades of Collaborative Maritime Innovation for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

NAPA & Stena Line: Two Decades of Collaborative Maritime Innovation for Enhanced Efficiency and Safety

Stena Line uses NAPA’s Loading Computer and NAPA Fleet Intelligence to enhance operational efficiency and safety

NAPA Fleet Intelligence     NAPA Loading Computer

Challenge: Boosting Stena Line’s maritime innovation and efficiency with NAPA’s cutting-edge solutions 

Stena Line, a well-established ferry operator, has a reputation for its practical approach to maritime efficiency and innovation. A significant aspect of their operational competency is attributed to the collaborations they have nurtured over the years, one of the most notable being with NAPA. For over two decades, Stena Line has utilized NAPA’s Loading Computer, and for the past ten years, they have integrated NAPA’s performance monitoring tools, enhancing their capability to make informed, real-time decisions. 

Raimo Warkki, Business Engagement Lead of Stena Line, who has witnessed the evolution of this partnership first-hand, reflects, “Our collaboration with NAPA is characterized by mutual growth and innovation. The integration of NAPA’s Loading Computer and performance monitoring tools such as NAPA Fleet Intelligence – including Voyage Reporting and Real Time Monitoring – into our operations has been instrumental in our journey towards enhancing operational efficiency and safety.” 

Solution: Implementing NAPA’s straightforward safety and efficiency monitoring tools for better decision-making 

This partnership has facilitated an environment where real-time data and insights are at the fingertips of both Stena Line’s onboard and onshore teams. NAPA’s solutions, marked by their user-friendly interface and robust integration capabilities, have been adept at incorporating data from third-party applications, leading to a more rounded and comprehensive operational overview. 

Safety and sustainability are fundamental to Stena Line, and the incorporation of NAPA’s Loading Computer has supported these principles. The system ensures that loading and unloading processes adhere to the highest safety standards, backed by real-time data and predictive analytics that contribute to minimizing risks. 

Result: Enhanced ship-to-shore communication and operational optimization in maritime operations 

Stena Line uses NAPA Fleet Intelligence for enhanced efficiency and safety

NAPA Fleet Intelligence interface – Fleet View

The performance monitoring tools are seamlessly connected to Stena Line’s shore reporting systems, fostering a smooth exchange of information between the vessels and onshore teams. This enhanced communication supports improved decision-making, predictive maintenance, and operational optimization. 

The enduring partnership between Stena Line and NAPA is a testament to NAPA’s role as a reliable ally, offering consistent support and innovative solutions tailored to meet the evolving needs of maritime operations. It underscores a relationship that goes beyond mere business transactions, highlighting a shared commitment to excellence and innovation. The collaboration between Stena Line and NAPA has also been celebrated with the SHIPPINGInsight Award, recognizing their innovative energy-saving program that significantly reduced operational costs and improved fleet efficiency. 

As Stena Line navigates the energy transition, the collaboration with NAPA remains significant. It’s an alliance enriched by shared values and a joint commitment to advancing a sustainable, efficient, and safe maritime ecosystem. Each achievement and challenge along the way illuminates the strength and depth of a partnership that is as focused on the journey as it is on the milestones achieved. 

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