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Møre Maritime chose NAPA

Norwegian ship consulting company focusing on wellboat designs found NAPA software to meet their needs for an integrated solution for advanced stability and regulation support.

Møre Maritime

Møre Maritime is a Norwegian ship consulting company that develops ship designs and prepares complete production drawing packages for newbuilding and retrofit projects. Møre Maritime’s prime area of focus is the design of vessels for the aquaculture industry, of which wellboat designs are a big part.

With their engineers constructing vessels for the thriving aquaculture industry since the first generation of wellboats, the Kristiansund-based company has a long history and robust in-depth knowledge in dealing with a variety of ship types, such as wellboats, barges, service and processing vessels.

Gåsø wellboats

The three Gåsø wellboats, Gåsø Viking, Gåsø Jarl and Gåsø Freyja delivered to Frøy Rederi are the flagship design of Møre Maritime.

M/S Gåsø Jarl - photo courtesy of Jan Marius Hovrud

M/S Gåsø Jarl – photo courtesy of Jan Marius Hovrud

The vessels are well equipped to deal with a variety of conditions. They are equipped with fresh water and delousing facilities and efficient ballast water equipment to ensure the efficient closed transport of live fish.

This novel design invoked the need for advanced engineering including stability calculations according to SOLAS 2009, Regulation 9.



Switching to NAPA software

Møre Maritime wished to invest in software that could provide an integrated solution for advanced stability and enabled regulation support. NAPA software was chosen based on such requirements.

In addition, an immediate decision was taken by Møre Maritime to sign up for training and subsequent customization learning in order to realize the true capabilities of NAPA software and to get an insight into NAPA reporting. In the case of Møre Maritime, there was much to gain through engaging a software which allows customization according to the individual working processes and specific vessel types unique to each designer. The flexible output functions and the wide variety of damage stability options are examples of components enabling this.

In cooperation with Møre Maritime, NAPA prepared a Report Generator for authority approval. It was made by applying the NAPA Manager Application technology, which uses standard tools for NAPA. The tool generates the hydrostatic and stability reports for vessels like the wellboats.

“The investment in NAPA software eliminated the need to outsource the advanced damage stability calculations for our wellboats. This gives us a much higher degree of control as well as reducing completion time.
We appreciate the efforts made by NAPA in our implementation phase, and are impressed by their ability to relate to our specific projects.”

– Jan Marius Hovrud, Project Engineer, Møre Maritime AS

Report Generator for Møre Maritime

Report Generator for Møre Maritime

The work was mainly done in Kristiansund, Norway, with experts from both sides, which guaranteed an excellent end result. The extra bonus was that the engineers at Møre Maritime received unique insights into NAPA coding and customization.

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