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NAPA & Allseas: optimizing voyages for more sustainable operations in the challenging offshore environment

NAPA & Allseas: optimizing voyages for more sustainable operations in the challenging offshore environment

Allseas using NAPA Voyage Optimization for more sustainable operations in the challenging offshore environment, leveraging next-generation digital technology

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What happens when a world-leading contractor in the offshore energy market works with a maritime software and data analysis expert? More efficient voyages that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions while ensuring safety in temperamental weather. Let us take a deep dive into how NAPA is working with Allseas to leverage digital technology for greener operations.

Allseas’ Challenge: complex operations in unpredictable seas

Allseas’ operations, centered on the intricate tasks of lifting and laying in the offshore sector, demand not only precise execution, but also a mastery over the fast-changing marine environment. The focus goes beyond navigation, encompassing the delivery of complex installations under the constraints of weather, sea conditions, and operational efficiency.

The optimal route: NAPA’s innovative solution

Understanding these challenges, NAPA implemented its cutting-edge weather routing software NAPA Voyage Optimization across Allseas’ fleet of 10 vessels. Powered by sophisticated algorithms that take into account various parameters provided by the user, the software leverages forecasts to calculate the fastest and most fuel-efficient voyage given the sea and weather conditions.

Jaap Jan van Senden, R&D Engineer at Allseas, was delighted with the effectiveness of NAPA’s solution: “After a successful trial, Allseas acquired NAPA Voyage Optimization software that uses forecasts and calculates the best route based on parameters provided by the user. With all vessels pre-programmed in the software and continuous updates based on the vessel’s fuel usage, the software is easy to set up and easy to use. This can be especially beneficial as our vessels are not the standard vessels.”

Allseas using the most advanced maritime software on the market - NAPA Voyage Optimization - to minimise their environmental impact

Concrete progress: fuel and emissions reductions

Adopting NAPA’s solution has delivered tangible benefits for Allseas. Not only are they able to utilize currents to their advantage, but they also effectively avoid headwinds that can pose resistance, especially against their derrick structures.

The result? Average fuel savings of 2-5% per voyage, which represents a significant stride towards Allseas’ commitment to minimize their environmental impact. By optimizing operational efficiency, Allseas is reducing emissions across their operations and supply chain.

In a world where the voyage matters as much as the destination, NAPA and Allseas embarked on a journey together, leveraging next-generation digital technology to pave the way for more efficient voyages which reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. This collaboration reinforces the notion that digital technology isn’t just an operational enhancer but also an asset to improve environmental performance. For those in the maritime realm looking to embark on their decarbonization journey, NAPA stands ready as a trusted partner to chart a safer and more sustainable course together.

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