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Little something from us to you

We at NAPA are committed to helping you to navigate these uncertain times of the COVID-19 outbreak safely, efficiently and reliably.

We are surely living unusual times. Hopefully, all of you have stayed safe. We at NAPA focus constantly on ensuring that our people stay safe, we can run our business safely – yet efficiently – and that we can support and serve our customers well, despite the fact that we’ve been working remotely for months.

Read more about NAPA’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak, by clicking here.

So, we can work remotely. But we can do more than that – we can make music remotely! Francesco, a Naparian from Italy came up with the idea of recording some music together. And so we did. This melancholic and beautiful song Fire and Rain by James Taylor was recorded in spring 2020, in three locations: Camogli (Italy), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), and Porvoo (Finland).

The band is called The Hessians and features:

Winston Pynn – Vocals
Francesco Oneto – Cello
Jan Furustam – Guitar

With this beautiful song, we wish to cheer up our customers, our fellow Naparians, and all friends of NAPA.

Enjoy and stay safe!

Winston, Francesco, Jan and the whole NAPA Team

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