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NAPA’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak


How we are supporting and taking care of our employees, customers and partners during COVID-19

We are all facing the unexpected threat as Coronavirus (COVID-19) expands its global reach. The health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is a top priority for NAPA.

NAPA, having a presence in Asia, Europe, and the US, has taken various actions to keep our employees, families, and communities safe, doing our part in fighting against the spreading of the Coronavirus.

We have set up COVID-19 crisis teams and we are taking all the relevant measures, including continuously monitoring and complying with evolving local regulations and advice.

We are working constantly on finding new ways to support and serve our customers during these extraordinary times of global disruption. We want to ensure that you can continue to access the services and achieve the support you need from us. We are committed to helping you to navigate these uncertain times safely, efficiently and reliably.

Remote work

The NAPA employees in all countries where we have operations in are following the local regulations and guidelines. We have been working from home for quite some time already. Our team is comfortable and familiar with remote work, as it is a normal part of NAPA’s work culture.

The remote work has not caused any major disturbance to our operations. Our software development has not been affected, and we are delivering software updates and upgrades normally. Our hardware preparation and deliveries work as usually. NAPA Customer Service and Sales, as well as all business operations, are committed to and perfectly capable of providing the same high level of technical support, services and assistance, that you are accustomed to – also during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just keeping the physical distance. 


Business continuity

All travel and access restrictions, as well as all other advice and regulations set by governments and other authorities, have been and continue to be followed by NAPA during the outbreak.

To overcome the challenges caused by not being able to meet you face-to-face or carry out onboard commissioning, training, meetings or other visits, we have been adopting new ways of working. We are using flexible online and virtual tools and channels to continue our operations and to remain connected with each other and with you,

We have, for example, offered online commissioning and training services whenever possible. We have also a plan in place to reschedule the ship visits and events which have been delayed due to the travel restrictions.

Below, we want to make you aware of the solutions and resources available to you to help maintain your productivity and facilitate your safe and efficient operations during these challenging times.

New services for you

NAPA User Webinars

As the annual NAPA User Meeting planned to take place in June in Helsinki had to be canceled, we organized a series of NAPA User Webinars to share the latest from NAPA with you.

NAPA User Webinars gathered the NAPA user community together, now online. The set of webinar presentations provided the information on the latest NAPA products, highlighted the hot topics, and offered the possibility to meet the members of the NAPA team online.

Read more and view the recordings of NAPA User Webinars:

NAPA User Webinars

NAPA Online Training

As the NAPA onsite training courses have also been canceled, for the time being, we are developing NAPA online training sessions for you to learn how to get the best out of NAPA.

Read more and register for NAPA online trainings:

NAPA Hull Surfaces and Fairing NAPA Initial Online Training NAPA Steel Initial Online Training

Temporary NAPA node-lock licenses

NAPA provides temporary node-lock licenses, with no additional fees or charges, for the NAPA users working from home.

For more information and to apply for the license, contact 

Little something from us to you

We are surely living unusual times. Hopefully, all of you have stayed safe. We at NAPA focus constantly on ensuring that we can run our business safely – yet efficiently – and that we can serve our customers well, despite the fact that we’ve been working remotely for months.

So, we can work remotely. But we can do more than that – we can make music remotely! Francesco from Italy came up with the idea of recording some music together. And so we did. This melancholic and beautiful song Fire and Rain by James Taylor was recorded in three locations: Camogli (Italy), Fort Lauderdale, Florida (USA), and Porvoo (Finland).

The band is called The Hessians and features:
Winston Pynn – Vocals
Francesco Oneto – Cello
Jan Furustam –  Guitar

With this beautiful song, we wish to cheer up our customers, our fellow Naparians, and all friends of NAPA. Hope you enjoy it!

Winston, Francesco and Furre

NAPA at your service

Thank you for your continued trust in NAPA.

If you would like to discuss how we could help you to get through these unprecedented times, please, don’t hesitate to contact us.

NAPA Customer Service

Our experts in NAPA Customer Service are committed to and perfectly capable of providing the same high level of technical support and services that you are accustomed to also during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Contact NAPA Customer Service

Phone: +358 9 22 813 888

NAPA Sales


Want to discuss how you could benefit from NAPA solutions? We are happy to tell you about all NAPA solutions ashore and onboard. Just give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you.

Contact NAPA Sales

Phone: +358 9 22 8131

NAPA Office Network

The NAPA team across the globe is ready to serve you, even though we are working remotely from home. In case you need local assistance, contact the NAPA team near you.


Contact local NAPA team