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NAPA Webinar: How to monitor vulnerability and survivability of an intact ship – Introduction to NAPA Emergency Computer

NAPA Emergency Computer offers a unique solution for monitoring the vulnerability of an intact ship, as well as, the survivability of the ship when it becomes damaged. A product of years of research and development, the NAPA Emergency Computer is an industry-leading safety solution and is currently installed onboard almost 50 passenger ships.

View the recording of our webinar and join our Technical Consultants Madalina Oprea and Alexander Bashkoff, as well as, Senior Product Manager Jussi Siltanen to learn how NAPA Emergency Computer works to safeguard lives and assets out at sea and increase your understanding of flooding incidents and progressive flooding.

Madalina Oprea, Alexander Bashkoff and Jussi Siltanen

Madalina Oprea, Alexander Bashkoff and Jussi Siltanen

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Please, contact or Senior Product Manager Jussi Siltanen.

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