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NAPA Webinar: Keeping your ship stability expertise up-to-date

Are you looking to expand your understanding or refresh your knowledge on ship stability and safety?

If so, the recording from a webinar on Stability eLearning hosted by Product Managers Jussi Siltanen and Olli Puustinen from NAPA, streamed on 19 May 2020 is for you.

This webinar introduces you to the basic ship stability related topics and to the NAPA Stability eLearning training course. NAPA Stability eLearning is a comprehensive online course package on ship stability, and it is perfect for both the crew or shoreside teams to refresh your ship stability skills.

In this 45-minute-webinar recording you will hear:

  • What is ship stability in general and why is training on stability needed?
  • What are the main topics of ship stability that we should know if working within the maritime industry?
  • What the NAPA Stability eLearning course has to offer?

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