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Beyond Fuel Reduction: Sustainable and Efficient Ferry Operations Without Losing Sight of Safety

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At 47th Interferry Conference 2023, NAPA Account Director for Ferry & RoPax Business, Tuomas Häkkinen, presenting on how the industry can ensure sustainable ferry operations while also prioritizing safety measures.

How digital tools and data can help operators to predict, test, plan and even make strategic decisions to sail safety, more efficiently and sustainably .

During “Optimizing Operations and Safety” at the 47th Interferry Conference 2023, our Account Director for Ferry & RoPax Business, Tuomas Häkkinen spoke about “Beyond Fuel Reduction: Sustainable and Efficient Ferry Operations Without Losing Sight of Safety”.

With the increase in uptake of alternative fuels and new clean technologies, ship owners  and operators need to equally ensure that efficiency and safety go hand in hand. Using the power of digital technologies, operators can tap into the wealth of data to make better informed and strategic decisions for safer and smarter shipping.

In this presentation, Tuomas discusses how operators can optimize both operational efficiencies and safety while meeting decarbonization targets through the efficient use of operational data. He touches upon four burning challenges, and discusses possible solutions along with case examples:

  • Cutting emissions with ​fixed itineraries in competitive routes
  • Complex reporting and Compliance
  • Information gap ​between ship & shore
  • Ensuring safety of ​operations in hectic environment

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