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NAPA Fleet Intelligence

Monitoring and Analysis Modules

You can monitor and analyze operational and technical performance of your ships with various NAPA Fleet Intelligence reporting modules

  • Quick overview of the ship/fleet status
  • Hull fouling, energy saving, maintenance work effect monitoring and analysis
  • Propulsion system performance analysis
  • Environmental condition analysis in connection with voyage performance
  • Voyage summary, daily, weekly and monthly report
  • Data integrity check (noon report, automation signals)
  • Custom made user defined reports

Reporting modules

Fleet view

See a helicopter view on your fleet: positions, speeds, tracks, performance, weather conditions and notified insights about alarming or extraordinary operational condition.

Voyage reporting

Dig down to the details of each and every voyage of your vessel. Analyze the fuel consumption breakdown, weather conditions, schedule execution and engine performance during the voyage.

Technical performance

Dive in to the normalized details of the technical performance level of your vessel: How much extra fuel is consumed due to the decreased hull condition? What is the current FOC-speed baseline at the moment in different conditions and compared to a reference line? What is the specific fuel oil consumption of your engine?

Optional modules

Logbook reporting

This module is for utilizing, visualizing, exploring and exporting the data from NAPA Electronic Logbook.

Stability reporting

Module for following up the stability and strength data, dead weight management and for NAPA Emergency computer customers also vulnerability and survivability of the vessel.

Charter party

Toolset for a comprehensive charter party compliance, execution and follow up. Includes benchmarking against charter party performance clause and weather criteria.

Regulatory reporting

The automation data and manual inputs will be collected in NAPA Logbook to calculate the final reporting values. NAPA Voyage Reporting will be utilized to send the data to NAPA Fleet Intelligence platform to be shown in the EU MRV and IMO DCS reporting template.


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