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NAPA Fleet Intelligence

Monitoring and Analysis Modules

With various NAPA Fleet Intelligence reporting modules, you can monitor and analyze your ships’ operational, technical, and safety performance. Tailor the service flexibly by selecting those modules that match your needs.

Fleet View

Showcase your fleet at the company lobby or monitor your fleet holistically. See a helicopter view of the ship positions, speeds, tracks and weather conditions. Browse the upcoming weather forecast globally or detailed spot weather at specific locations.

Voyage Overview

Dig down to the details of each and every voyage of your vessel. Analyze the fuel consumption breakdown, weather conditions, schedule execution and engine performance during the voyages.

Regulatory Reporting

Comply with reporting regulations such as the EU MRV, IMO DCS, EU-ETS and CII.

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Technical Performance

Dive in to the normalized details of the technical performance level of your vessel: How much extra fuel is consumed due to the decreased hull condition? What is the fuel consumption – speed baseline at the moment in different conditions? What was the impact of maintenance to ship performance?

See insightful visualizations and numeric tables of the current ship performance and performance trends.

NAPA CII Simulator

The CII Simulator module allows you to project the CII rating at the end of the year based on the operational profile during the past 12 months and analyze the impact of different voyage profiles or maintenance actions on the rating.

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NAPA Voyage Optimization

Easy-to-use solution for improving operational efficiency by optimizing route and speed profiles for any sea passage. NAPA Voyage Optimization runs in your web browser, or an application onboard, and doesn’t require any hardware installations or initial investment.

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Navigational Risk Monitoring

Monitor and manage the safe navigation of the entire fleet without any onboard hardware installations or crew input. Developed for shore-based safety operations centers, who will get carefully calculated alerts and notification whenever an increased navigational risk is detected, enhancing the ability to mitigate incidents.

Charter Party

Flexible toolset for a comprehensive charter party compliance analysis. Benchmark voyage performance against charter party performance clause and weather criteria.

Stability & Emergency Monitoring

Gain situational awareness of your fleet stability and safety status anywhere and anytime. Developed for Fleet Operations Centers or Emergency Response Services, enables you to follow up on the stability and strength data, deadweight management, and for NAPA Emergency computer customers also vulnerability and survivability of the vessel.

This module requires NAPA Stability and NAPA Emergency Computer to be installed onboard.

Logbook reporting

Utilize, visualize, explore, and export the data from the NAPA Logbook.

This module requires NAPA Logbook to be installed onboard.

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