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Up-to-date design for all stakeholders

Shared 3D design and communication by NAPA Viewer

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NAPA Viewer

A new web-based solution, NAPA Viewer, enables easy access to up-to-date NAPA 3D models, as well as cost-effective and straightforward communications between key stakeholders involved in the design process. The solution enables access to NAPA models for all stakeholders directly through a web browser, without the need for software installation.

NAPA Viewer complements and facilitates 3D model-based approval which has been one of the main drivers in its development.

NAPA Viewer press release

Enable easy 3D model accessibility and efficient communication


NAPA Viewer enables easy access to up-to-date 3D models for all stakeholders


NAPA Viewer enables cost-effective and straightforward communication between key stakeholders, directly within 3D models

3D model-based approval

The NAPA Viewer concept supports 3D model-based approval

Easy access to the 3D model

The streaming technology allows the design owner to share a 3D NAPA ship model, created with NAPA Naval Architecture and NAPA Steel, directly from their server to multiple other parties via a web browser.

Secure communication and information security are ensured through user access control and authentication. A server hosting the projects can also be located within the company premises, adding an additional layer of security. Alternatively, the solution can be installed on the cloud, to ensure quick and remote access.

The ship building industry is rapidly evolving, with new design constantly emerging. A collaborative approach to 3D design with information available in real-time is key to staying ahead with sustained innovation.


NAPA Viewer comes with a built-in communication platform, enabling interaction between users directly within the 3D model. Communication can be mapped onto certain objects, including an option to use a saved view to quickly help to visualize the objects. The platform also lets users tag others and attach documents, allowing for well-managed and targeted communication.


3D model-based design review and approval

NAPA Viewer has been developed to support 3D model-based approval (3DMBA), providing a primary source of information for the up-to-date design data to be reviewed and approved by classification societies. The model owner can easily control access rights, while communication related to the design review and approval process can be handled directly within the platform. For example, approval status can be assigned to each object individually and the model can be visualized based on the approval status.

NAPA is collaborating with several classification societies in the development of 3D model-based approval. Read more about our collaboration with different class societies:

Read more about ClassNK and NAPA Read more about Bureau Veritas and NAPA Read more about DNV and NAPA Read more about Korean Register and NAPA

NAPA across design disciplines

Hydrostatics and stability

NAPA’s software for stability assessment is the de-facto standard in the industry used by all major shipyards and classification societies globally. With NAPA you can be sure that the relevant regulations are supported and that the results are generated by a proven and accepted calculation engine.

Hull form design and hydrodynamics

NAPA supports hull form design from optimization in early design phases to production fairing. The hydrodynamics modules support resistance, powering, seakeeping and maneuvering calculations by industry standard methodologies.

Structural design

NAPA Steel upgrades the initial and basic design for structures by taking the design work from traditional 2D drawings to 3D modeling. Using a 3D model for structural design from the beginning of the project has several benefits, such as earlier rule compliance information leading to more accurate weight and cost results.

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