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See new NAPA Designer hull form features at NAPA User Meeting 2019

by Jukka Määttänen, NAPA Design Solutions

NAPA has set the industry standard when it comes to hull form design. Our unique hull design methodology allows better control and flexibility for your design work, and a wide majority of the world’s hull forms are currently designed with NAPA tools.

We are currently renewing our hull form modelling experience because we want to provide you with even more intuitive and user-friendly tools, and a tool set that covers the entire hull form modelling process. We started this work in 2018, and now we have the first set of features available in NAPA Designer.

Throughout the process, from early design to production fairing, NAPA helps you create better designs in a shorter time, with interactive, intuitive user interface, and immediate feedback. Our hull design solutions make it easy to test performance and compliance with EEDI, and assess safety and maneuverability. Powerful genetic algorithms can optimize hull forms, solving for a wide range of design challenges.

At NAPA we believe that the best user experience comes through developing our solutions together with the customer. This is why we want to hear from you; how you’re using our software, what’s working, and more importantly, where you’d like to see it going next.

We’d like to invite you to join the NAPA User Meeting 2019 and see the first features for hull form design in NAPA Designer. There will be also time reserved for discussions, hands-on sessions with the new tools, giving you the chance to take a closer look into the future plans and vision for hull form modelling in NAPA Designer.

Register for NAPA User Meeting 2019 by 6 May


View this short video about the new features for hull form design in NAPA Designer.



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