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NAPA Steel in Structural Design Process at Meyer Werft

Improved steel weight estimations by means of a NAPA Steel model.

MEYER WERFT is a company with tradition, which started operations in Papenburg at the river Ems in 1795. For more than 200 years ships of most different types have been built by the experts working for this family-owned company. Today MEYER WERFT is renowned for building modern cruise vessels for Aida Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, Disney Cruise Line, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Royal Caribbean Cruises and others.

MEYER WERFT was NAPA’s first client outside of Scandinavia and has been using the NAPA system in ship design since 1986. In 1998 the shipyard acquired the NAPA Steel software developed for structural ship design. It is used for the entire basic design process.

MEYER WERFT has been using NAPA Steel software to streamline its working process. The system is used to create the first 3D model of the steel structure, which is the basis for estimating steel weights, preparing general classification drawings and creating global FE models.


The use of NAPA Steel starts with an automatic creation of the 3D model based on an extraction of a 2D general arrangement plan. Beside the speed the improved degree of detail of the model is another benefit of the automatic import routine.

As important as the import of data for the effective model generation is the export of data for an effective engineering process. MEYER WERFT produces structural and attribute drawings, weight and material lists and outputs with geometric attributes for FEM and class calculations.


Additional improvements in the design process were achieved by creating FEM models from NAPA Steel. The FEM program ANSYS is used for the finite element calculation. NAPA provides a basic export for nodes, beams and elements. MEYER WERFT includes the plate thicknesses and profile sections to the export macro and added some tools for a model setup. Enclosed to this exported setup are the profile definitions and frame systems.

An ongoing model from NAPA Steel to the detail design is secured by an interface based on a XML topology file and an IGES file. The primary focus of the current development process at MEYER WERFT is the improvement of the FEM process and the visualisation of non geometric information in drawings e.g. alteration marker.

Due to the developments of the last years and the good co-operation with theNAPAteam MEYER WERFT is looking forward to the functionalities of future revisions to integrate NAPA Steel deeper into the structural design process.

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