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FEM Meshing

NAPA FEM is a state-of-the-art FE preprocessor converting 3D ship product models into finite element models.

The FE-models are generated based on the geometry of the 3D ship model. Global, local and fine level FE-models can be created by excluding the unnecessary details of the 3D model from the meshing process. Automatic mesh creation based on the control parameters enables fast creation of mesh which can be finalized with the manual tools. The mesh can be exported to most common FE-solvers.


Automatic FEM Mesh Generation

The 3D NAPA Steel model can be applied to produce a high-quality FEM mesh for further analysis. The user can reproduce the mesh anytime the model is changed or updated. Pre-defined parameters control the mesh production automatically. A change of the parameter set controls the idealization of real structures to the geometry of the FEM mesh required for global, local, or fine mesh models. The mesh can be exported in several formats for FEM software packages, such as Patran, Nastran, and Ansys.


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