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NAPA Webinar: Real-life voyage optimization stories

How to take advantage of sea currents for fuel savings?

How to route optimally through Emission Control Areas?

What experiences and insights Neste, an advanced refiner of high-quality sustainable oil products, has gained by using NAPA Voyage Optimization?


This webinar originally took place on December 9th, 2020. Watch the recording to hear Risto-Juhani Kariranta, Shipping Performance Manager from Neste, share their routing experiences. Additionally, NAPA experts Claus Stigler and Kimmo Laaksonen present practical application examples of the NAPA Voyage Optimization software. Elina Furustam, Product Marketing Manager, hosts the event.

This video sheds light on practical voyage planning dilemmas:

  • Does it pay off to minimize distance sailed in the Emission Control Areas (ECA)? Or is it most beneficial just to reduce the distance of sea passage?
  • How to utilize sea currents for fuel savings?
  • What kind of voyage scenarios has Neste been comparing with the help of the NAPA Voyage Optimization software? What have been their insights about weather routing?


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NAPA Voyage Optimization

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