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TUI Cruises taps into shipboard data to improve fleet operations

TUI Cruises’ Capt. Christian Lerche offers a compelling glimpse into the evolving dynamics of ship operations and the pivotal role of data-driven everyday fleet operations for better safety, efficiency and sustainability.

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In this interview, TUI Cruises’ Corporate Captain, Christian Lerche, shares his perspective on the transformative power of data, particularly in partnership with NAPA. His insights shed light on the evolving landscape of ship operations and the crucial role that data plays in shaping the future of maritime endeavours.

Capt. Lerche has worked aboard ships for over a decade and has been a long-time user of NAPA onboard software, such as NAPA Stability (previously NAPA Loading Computer) and NAPA Logbook. However, Christian emphasizes a pivotal shift in perspective upon transitioning ashore. “The main difference between working on board with the NAPA products and working ashore with actually the data part of it,” says the corporate captain.

Unlocking the potential of data: from sea to shore

Reflecting on his years of experience, Capt. Lerche highlights the seamless integration of NAPA products onboard, likening them to essential tools for operating the vessel effectively. “When on board, you are an operator, and you have the tool…the systems are really like a hammer or a screwdriver that you have and need to operate the vessel properly. And you don’t think too much about what these digital tools actually create in the background,” he explains.

Whether navigating the seas or managing onboard systems, the reliability and efficiency of NAPA’s solutions have been indispensable for ensuring smooth sailing for passengers and crew alike. Coming ashore, he now sees the vast potential of data in driving various operational efficiency as well as sustainability initiatives.

“Now, being ashore, especially moving forward in the transition towards shipping net-zero targets and carbon reduction in the next century, we have this huge data tool available as well. But we will use it in a different way and there’s huge potential, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve quite a few ideas now on how to utilize this data, and in the future,” says Capt. Lerche.

The availability of extensive data tools opens doors to innovative approaches and strategies for shaping a more sustainable future for cruising.

Capt. Lerche also underscores the dual nature of data as both a benefit and a responsibility. “…data is not only a benefit but also a responsibility. And we need more guidance in the future to think about how to utilize this data properly and not just have it,” he concludes.

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