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Royal Caribbean Group: Harmonizing tech and data to improve cruise safety and operations

How the largest cruise lines group is streamlining operations between ship and shore with digital tools and data for improving safety and efficiencies. 

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We interviewed Capt. Sebastian Naneder, Director Nautical Operations, Fleet Captain GFM at Royal Caribbean Group (TUI and Hapag Lloyd Fleet) on how the cruise line is using digital technology and data to increase operational efficiencies. In this interview, Sebastian talks about simple, intuitive solutions that harmonize communications and coordinations with shoreside to make daily operations smooth and efficient, while reducing workload — both onboard and onshore. Edited excerpts:

For Onboard Operations

When it comes to managing our ships effectively using NAPA’s solutions, we can break it down into three essential steps. First and foremost is ship stability management – a crucial aspect without which ship operations would be incredibly challenging. Our partnership with NAPA provides us with a simple, intuitive solution that does exactly what it’s supposed to do, nothing more, nothing less. This reliability is something we truly value.

Moving on to ship operation, the electronic logbook has been a key addition that we’ve been eager to implement from the start, through close collaboration with NAPA. Then we also have the electronic checklist. We’ve witnessed continuous evolution and now the next annual revamp, which we eagerly anticipate.

For Shoreside Operations

Additionally, the integration with NAPA Fleet Intelligence (previously, NAPA Office) has been a game-changer. By connecting shipboard data to shoreside operations, it enables us to monitor and follow up on ship operations directly, without contacting the ship. This allows the onboard crew to stay focused on their tasks, while shoreside can continue to support them, maintain an overview of operations without causing disruptions onboard.

These are all well-rounded products that adds significant value to our operations and the industry as a whole by consolidating information and ensuring it’s organized and accessible.

Looking ahead, seamless integration and coordination with third parties, particularly in cybersecurity, are areas we’re actively pursuing. As we gather more data and streamline its organization, we gain insights into areas where we can improve. This pursuit extends beyond NAPA to encompass all vendors and manufacturers, emphasizing the importance of harmonious collaboration across all aspects of ship equipment and operations.

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